Is swagtron t1 a good hoverboard for kids?

I think I should do this swagtron t1 review.

Hoverboards these have gotten popular with people online, and a lot of celebrities have been posting videos of them. Writing about this hoverboard.

Also, my daughter needs to get this one she always gives me a reason for this.

So I thought I would get one and take a look and see what it’s all about it just looked like a ton of fun to me. It looked like something that’s either going to be a lot of fun to ride or something that’s going to end up putting me in the hospital.

I have not lots of interest to buy that one. But my ten years old daughter needs this one.

Before giving this hoverboard to my daughter as her Christmas gift, I wanted to test this.

Because I worry about her safety and I don’t trust the safety of hoverboards. So I bought this for testing last October. But its broken reason is my weight and careless using.

The first one broke after one month using. But I get lots of fun with this. Item manufacturers say this for all ages, but I think this good for your kids not for adults.

Also, I was getting a good idea about this product. Before giving this to my daughter.

I know lots of parents struggling with how to choose good hoverboard? Which one is the best for my kids? What is the safest hoverboard? Lots of questions are there.

So I decided to do this review to help people to need to buy this SWAGTRON T1 hoverboard. This is an honest review based on my experience so let’s get the start review.

swagtron t1
Swagtron T1 Specs

  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Learning and Standard Mode
  • System and battery indicators
  • Upgraded Motor
  • Slipp Resistant Rubber Pedals
  • LED headlights and Bumpers
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Quick Charging

Who It’s For

This hoverboard best suited for kids and beginner level hoverboard riders.

swagtron t1 comes with two learning modes before unlocking the standard mode there has beginners mode for learning.

You can learn everything with this beginner friendly mode.

So I recommend this for your kids; I think this it should be the safest hoverboard for your kid at that moment.

Also, adults can make fun of this but your weight should less than 220lbs you need to consider the weight limit of this hoverboard.

Because this does not make with very good hard materials. So it can break with more than 220lbs weight.

Pricing & Purchase

Here is a link to the Amazon listing that I bought mine you can purchase it from Amazon now it was a bit more expensive.

It was around 300$ to purchase this from Amazon.

But if I break it or have any problems with it, there’s a lot more than I have available to me. I can return it within 30 days and then if I have any questions I could contact Amazon about it.

My Experience With swagtron t1

These not made of the highest quality they are from China. They are mass-produced over there the metal frame that runs the length of the inside of this device made out of really cheap metal.

Not a hundred percent is sure whether it’s some sort of like cheap cast aluminum or cast iron or magnesium not sure precisely what metal it’s made out of.

But it’s effortless to break. it okay it’s putting most of that weight on the outside of the device close to the wheels that’s how it’s supposed to be used.

However, if you accidentally crash or you’re slipping, and you step down too close to the middle of this hoverboard it will put a lot of pressure.

On some of the structure of the frame and actually, it can be brake.

Battery Life

battery life on this is pretty good.

You get just about as much enjoyment out of it as you could physically stand before it needs a charge again out-of-the-box it had enough of a charge.

Once I charged it, I was able to ride it around for about 10 or 15 minutes.

I took it home, and then I’ve been riding it around all morning, and it still has from what it feels like a full charge. Now it has two indicators on the top of it.

One is the power indicator. The other one is the battery indicator.and the battery indicator will stay green when your battery charged.

And it will turn red when your battery is getting close to running out of strength it beeps.

When it turns on to notify you that it is ready to use and it also has two lights.

On the front of it, that help illuminate your path, and it also lets you know which direction you’re turning.

Like if you’re going straight and you start to turn a little bit one of the lights are going to flash a little bit and it kind of helps you understand.

As well which direction you’re moving and it kind of helps you realize you know maybe you’re leaning to the side and turning a little bit and it keeps helps keep you nice and straight.

The Tricky Part?

The tricky part is getting off of this device.

Naturally, you want to jump off in front of it. But if it’s continuing to roll it’s going to run into your feet and maybe even you might even step on it and fall.

I found the best way to dismount this thing is just to kind of jump off the back. Whether you are you know. Hopefully, come to a complete stop and then just jumping off the back.

Because it’s not like a skateboard you can’t just put one foot down and slow yourself down you have to get both of your feet off of these paddles, or you’re going to end up steering into a wall or crashing or maybe accidentally stepping on it wrong and breaking it.

Because it is not that sturdy of a device although it looks sturdy and it is pretty heavy.

It’s it’s heavier than most you know skateboards.

Because it does have batteries and motors and lots of parts inside of it, but it does have those weak points that I described earlier.

So riding this thing around is a joy people look at you and kind of wonder what in the heck it is that you’re on I have yet to be able to ride this by somebody and not have them stop me and ask me questions about it’s.

A cool little device so it does have rubber hard rubber wheels. And then aluminum rims the plastic outer cover just covers up all the electronics and the metal frame.

So Is This Worth The Money?

Now, if you can get it cheap and what I found because I’ve now had two of these and I’ve seen plenty of other people buy them online who spent $1,000 all the way down to $300 which is what I spent for my first one.

they are the exact same device in the past most of those hoverboards were coming from the same manufacturer.

even though they had different brand names.

even though the box looked different the product on the inside was the same. and they were pretty much coming from the same manufacturer.

and that seems to be the case with this device it is an inexpensively made product in China. and because of that, it is not made out of the best materials possible.

should somebody take one of these pull the metal frame out of it machine it out of something stronger and put it back in you’d have a really strong device that you could probably ride off of all sorts of things.

so I recommend that you be careful when you’re riding this. because if you do order it from somewhere in the US you’re probably going to pay 400$ to 600$ for it and that’s a bit of money to buy something.

and then have it breaks on you pretty soon so be careful when you ride it.

obviously, it does take a little bit of time to get used to but it’s a ton of fun. you know it’s just a lot of fun. it’s something different than you know.

Pros & Cons about swagtron t1 



  • 1st hoverboard with a UL2272 certificate.
  • very durable.
  • multiple layers battery protection with centeryshield technology.
  • very user-friendly beginner friendly with two learning modes learning mode and a standard mode
  • there have two LED headlights
  • quickly charging



  • the outer fireproof plastics can easily cracked