How to use chrome audio capture, review, and guide

If you need to capture audio from a website and there haven’t an option to download the audio file from the site, then you have in trouble. How I capture this awesome soundtrack? I know that’s your question it’s sad when you have not an option to capture the sound.

but don’t worry if you are using chrome browser, there have an extension to help this extension call as ” chrome audio capture.”


You can capture the music or voice track or any soundtrack from the current tab and capture can be saved as .mp3 or .wav formats. Also, the user has an option muting the tabs currently being captured. Also, multiple tabs to be allowed simultaneously to capture sounds.

How to use

to capture the audios click the chrome audio capture icon

use the interface or hotkeys as mentioned in the extension

Ctrl + Shift + S to start capture on current tab
Ctrl + Shift + X to stop capture on current tab

When the capture is stopped or when the time limits are riched you need to save this file in your computer.

if you skip this step, you will lose your current captured audio file.

so make sure to click the save button and save it on your hard drive

the new tab is open when to save the audio file also check option page if you need to keep the data as different output file formats.

if you need to change the recording time limit from the default 20 min time limit heading to the options tab and change the time of the recording.


  • easy to use
  • can be record long time audio files


  • recording the sounds as lover volume
  • some times the sound going cracked when the middle of the track

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