26 Best Android Games Under 10 MB

26 Best Android Games Under 10 MB

Best Small Android Games games under 10mb

Nowadays android games are more popular than pc games.

Because anyone can buy an Android smartphone, they are very cheap than a gaming laptop or a gaming pc.

Also, most peoples do not like to play massive android games because it’s slow on your Android device.

They like to play attractive but straightforward games than big android games.

I also like to play small MB games they are enjoyable, and they are unbelievably awesome.

So I decided to make a blog post about android games under 10mb help you to find the best android games under 10mb.

There have 26 android games they all are less than ten MB games.

Also, I can guarantee they are not dull I test all these games they are super fun to play in your free time.

The line Zen  (7.19 MB)

games under 10mb

The line Zen is an enjoyable small MB game and well-made game it’s a bonus to play.

Touch anywhere you like on the screen and drag left and right and move the small blue ball.

Don’t touch anything red no walls no balls. Green stuff can be touch, and it’ll hurry one way or another depending on how you push it.

Sometimes you’ll need to touch the green stuff to get the red stuff out of the way.

The levels consist of thin windy corridors interrupted by room like spaces that effectively function as puzzles.

Excellent got like plate nothing seconds to solve each one and the order in which they appear perfect every time.

You’re going to have to stick with the lines n for the long haul to catch them all it’s free for both Android and iPhone.

So why not invest a few of your precious minutes on earth into guiding a little blue ball through tight spaces. free download>>>

AA ( 8.97 MB)

games under 10mb

AA is a bizarre name it is a series of new focus kind of game.

That you focus and do some action and make sure you win it’s this is a low MB free game by general detective X private limited. Available with iOS and Android.

The game level progress gets hard another first thing is you notice that circle thing.

So when you press on any part of the screen, it will just step this circle with a pin, but if you’re keen close to each other, it will fail.  free download >>>

Stick Hero

games under 10mb

Stick Hero is great, addicting and funny and a straightforward game.

hit play, and then you can press on it to make a long like stick, and you can walk on the platform free download >>>

Basketball Shoot  (7.75 MB)

games under 10mb

The basketball shoot is a straightforward and addictive game.

Easy to control. There have 11 backgrounds to choose beaches, airports, rooftops, etc..

You need to touch the phone screen drag the dotted line and angle and release your finger and get excellent shooting experience. free download>>>

Buttons And Scissors

games under 10mb

Another addictive and fun game this is a logic game.

You need to cut off the sewing buttons and get more points there have levels.

Easy levels for beginners and more hard levels for experts there have more than 1000 levels to play. free download >>>

 Play Tennis  (10.49 MB)

games under 10mb

The play tennis is There game but still, need some improvements on this game.

But it’s not a matter this game is fantastic.

You can choose your country and challenging mini country and play virtual 3D tennis.

This 3D tennis court is beautiful and there has four challenging tennis tournament with 12 faces countries with various skill levels.

You can control the game This with your fingers.

This is a very little game also you can play it in offline mode. free download>>>

Ultimate Mission 2  (5.76 MB)

games under 10mb
Ultimate Mission 2

The ultimate mission is another Combined little game. This is a shooting game.

The aliens are attacked all over the world. As a superhero, you must fight with aliens and save the world.

there have weapons to select heavy machine guns, laser guns, bombs aircraft, etc.. free download>>>

CJ Strike Back(6.51 MB)

games under 10mb

You are a superhero. The city is a danger because the aliens are attacking the city.

You need to defeat aliens.fight against with aliens troops.

Kill the alien boss achieve the tasks and save the city.

You can tap the screen to jump kill enemies power up by killing the same three enemies. kill the boss and get a bonus .free download >>>

Glow Hockey 2

games under 10mb

this is a new style of hockey game.

Glow Hockey 2 is very easy to play but hard to be a master of the game.

There has two player mode(multiplayer) on the same device with colorful graphics.

Have very smooth gameplay also have a single player mode with four difficulty levels awesome game to play. free download >>>

 Soccer Kicks (9.19 MB)

games under 10mb

if you are a soccer fan this game for you.
the best way to play soccer kicks you can improve your free kick skills Using this awesome game.
There have three games modes timed and practice, target, tournament.
Also, have two player mode. Very easy to control and play there have excellent graphics.
It gives a good user experience to the player. free download>>>

100 Ways To Die (8.20 MB)

games under 10mb

this is fun action game. combined with thrilling and horror.

There have 24 challenging mini-games with stunning animation and graphics very easy to play. free download >>>

Mekorama(4.66 MB)

games under 10mb

another impressive game with excellent graphics the cute little robot is adorable.

This game helps you to improve your problem-solving ability its take very little storage on your smartphone.

I recommend this for anyone it’s perfect for students. free download >>>

Jet Car Stunts lite(10.33 MB)

games under 10mbJet Car Stunts lite

is award-winning another awesome game very addictive game with smooth, fast gameplay.

There has multiple play mode also has single play modes.

There have a  time trial, tutorials, and platforming. This is the lite version of jet car stunts. free download>>>

Zombie attack 2 (7.53 MB)

games under 10mb
Zombie Attack 2

This is a 2D adventure zombie shooter fun game.

You need to protect the world. Zombies are attack everywhere.

You need to survive and save the world help, other heroes, to fight against zombies and prevent the zombie attacks.

Run everywhere and destroy many zombies as you can. free download >>>

Dr. Driving(9.43 MB)

games under 10mb
Dr Driving

This is a crazy and fun game. Drive fast and burn up the streets.

Dr Driving 2 is a stunning driving game you can sign up for your google play account and play multiplayer online.

if you finish the game before the opponent, you can get free gold. free download >>>

 Racing Thunder (6.46 MB)

games under 10mb
Racing Thunder free

Raging Thunder is another awesome car racing game to download.

You can control the best cars in the world.

There have single player and multiplayer modes with stunning 3d graphics. This is the free version of raging thunder. free download >>>

Gloomy Dungeons 3D (2.80 MB)

games under 10mb

if you like go back early 90’s gloomy dungeons 3d is the best solution for it.

there have 25 different shooting locations. Also, this game run with 1st generation Android phones.
free download>>>

Slot Racing (3.65 MB)

games under 10mb

Another 80’s and 90’s era low megabyte game.

Show this game to your son play and enjoy the game.

up and down the finger and keep the car on the track there have a lot of slot tracks.

Also if you like to make a new track easily, you can make your track.

customize your car and choose your favorite color for the car. free download >>>

Monster Hopper(7.67 MB)

games under 10mb
Monster Hopper

another little classic game funny with very addictive gameplay.

But the graphics are not good but still, I love this game easy to control.

There have three characters here are the playable characters Abraham Lincoln, Jack and Afro Joe download and enjoy the game. free download>>>

Helium Boy (6.53 MB) Paid

games under 10mb
Helium Boy

Use your helium balloon and fly everywhere there have colourfull environments.

Enjoy the game collect all stars and get points.

There have two difficulty modes beginner mode can easily collect all stars there impressive also normal mode screen

scrolling continually and automatically you need to find the perfect way to get every star. free download >>>

Modern Sniper (10.20 MB)

games under 10mb
Modern Sniper

This is a shooting game you are a sniper you need to complete 50 crime missions.

There have good 3D graphics also have six unique locations.

You can use seven real-world weapons to kill your enemies enjoy the gameplay. free download >>>

Meganoid Free(1.52 MB)

games under 10mb
Meganoid Free

the Meganoid inspiration from the 80s and 90s small MB games.

This game is a little bit hard because you need to complete a level within a minute of gaming.

You need to try two or three times to complete each level.

Complete levels and get achievements and earn stars. free download >>>

Caveman Adventure small android game (8.04 MB)

games under 10mb
Caveman Adventure

Highly addicted to this game Caveman Adventure is a 2D action game just like Super Mario.

But the sound effects and graphics are improved.

There have four adventure worlds with lots of enemy dinosaurs.

Also, you need to complete 20 different levels to kill the boss dinosaur. free download >>>

Heros of Loot Free (10 MB)

games under 10mb
Heroes of Loot

this is a dungeon game. Heroes of Loot is never ended.

The dungeon will be different every time there have randomly generated dungeons.

Also, have secret areas there have mysterious dungeon items every time you can feel the different gameplay. free download >>>

BMX Boy small android game

games under 10mb

The BMX boy is super easy and super fun game, speed up, jumping, performing various impressive tricks on the air and land safely.
tape two bottoms on screen do some tricks in the air get an extra point
There have 90 levels to play the pictures are sharp and super attractive and straightforward. free download>>>

Brave Ninja

games under 10mb

Here is another excellent game name as the brave ninja.

You can transform your ninja into a fearless combatant.

There has a wide range of mini-games. Included with infiltration, espionage, sabotage and also guerrilla warfare.

Train your ninja in training courses, and then you can release him to a battle.

There have 15 gameplay and four ninja characters.

When thinking about gaming graphics, I can say the graphics are amazing.

The game was straightforward to play but hard to be a master. free download>>>

also if you are a fan of Pokemon here you can read my guide for Pokemon games for android.

All image credits go to google play store.

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