5 best subwoofers for music under 500 dollars

5 best subwoofers for music under 500 dollars

When you searching for the best subwoofer for music under 500 dolors,
I know it will be a little bit hard to find an ideal subwoofer for your requirements.
But don’t worry today I will guide you to find a good subwoofer with the excellent sound quality for your budget. This list based on personal opinion. Also, I tried to lease them based on their price-quality durability and more.
for more information about these subwoofers, you can check them from the below table.
Device PhotoDevice NamePrice
best subwoofer for music under 500Klipsch Reference R-112SWCheck Price
best subwoofer for music under 500Polk Audio PSW505Check Price
best subwoofer for music under 500Klipsch Sub-12HGCheck Price
best subwoofer for music under 500Polk Audio PSW10Check Price
best subwoofer for music under 500Yamaha NS-SW300PNCheck Price

Klipsch Reference R-112SW

best subwoofer for music under 500


This powerful subwoofer features the 12 min spawn copper cellar metallic driver and delivers up to 600 watts of power.
And the frequency response of 24 Hertz to 125 kilohertz equipped to handle a wide variety of listening sessions. It has an integrated low-pass crossover and phase control settings.
Which will allow you to optimize the sound of the subwoofer? based on your preferences, Or listening environment. This aside you also have LFE at line level inputs placed on board. Also, the front-mounted LED power indicator lets you know whether the system is powered or not.
But that’s not all a great thing included is the line level and the LFE and RCA inputs. that help in ensuring compatibility with old and new receivers.
It is very power efficient. So it automatically understands by mode after a particular time of inactivity. only using 0.5 watts of power to conserve energy. Another great feature is that it is wirelessly, ready and in the accommodates optimal w8 to wireless subwoofer kit.
the combination of a transmitter and receiver pair lets you place your subwoofer anywhere, without any run a cable from your audio source.

Great Sounds

This is merely wonderful the sound is remarkable. Because of the front firing design. which allows placement flexibility and internal geometry reduces. Port noise is giving you a clean low frequency without any noticeable distortion. The bass is intense and beautiful.
Because of subwoofer low-frequency tones with other speakers. That is establishing the ideal level of enjoyment. This is great and gives you an opportunity of catching every detail. when it comes to loud music or any movie moments.
Overall if you’re looking for a modern subwoofer with beautiful design. Wireless capability and go-to stone reproduction with an attractive price. This is the one especially meant and designed for you to enjoy every single feature and be sure that the sound is very high-quality.

Polk Audio PSW505


best subwoofer for music under 500



The Polk Audio PSW505 is a great subwoofer which is packed with features. Also, with an affordable price, it has a beautiful design with a real solid wood covering finished.
Gorgeously stained in black the front features. The curtain closed grille with a large oval for the woofer and controls on the back. they are plentiful with tunable low-pass crossover face. Also with volume control and on a test power cable.
This unit equipped with a 12-inch long trough who offer capable of up to 300 watts of continuous power. also unfiltered LFA input with low-pass filters subwoofer output jacks.

Magnetic shield for your safety

Moreover, for your own safety, this model equipped with a magnetic shield. Which makes the placement next to any other electronic equipment possible. So no need to worry about having unfortunate accidents. Which usually don’t happen to offer it.
also features Polk Audio innovative, dynamic balance over. which is the design it has still not any unwanted resonances? When it comes to the sound produced. Polk Audio PSW505 is fantastic. Its load venting design allows all the pressure to be quickly released out of the chases. While reducing any turbulence and delivers a much tighter response.
The bass is very cleared giving. overall this is great when you’re watching movies or listening to your favorite music. Because you will notice the bass detail very accurately lofts are rich and full-bodied at all. Volumes also they never produce any Distortion. And they sound very sharp and colossal.
Overall the bulk of the PSW 505 is a great addition that suits into any home entertainment system. No matter the size of the roll the high-quality design lets you know right from the start. that you have a great unit on your hands. That will be durable for an extended period of time accompanied by a beautiful sound.
So you don’t have to go to your local cinema to be able to watch movies with fantastic sound. Because with this subwoofer. You can get great sound inside your house at an affordable price.

Klipsch Sub-12HGbest subwoofer for music under 500

The Klipsch Sub-12HG subwoofer delivers something that most of the woofers are not capable. such as the two lowest octaves of the 10 humans can hear. This company was known as a manufacturer of incredibly high-quality audio devices.
And this product is one of their best. It features line level and speaker level inputs for compatibility. accompanied by a 12-inch woofer that gives deep and rich bass tones.
It also has a 300 loudly patch amplifier for wall shaking experience. 650 watts of dynamic power an automatic on and off or specced standby mode for efficient use of energy. and of course a 12-inch fiber composite. that eliminates the issues connected with the buzzy.
That’s not all there is also line level, and LFE and RCA inputs. included to ensure compatibility with old and new receivers. This subwoofer finished in matte black with small clips blending at the bottom of the front side. While the back features the usual suspects including a speaker inputs output volume. with RCA lining and detachable power cable.
It has a blue and dual red color LED display on the front so you can know whether the unit is on or in the standby mode. Sub-12HG is a real star when it comes to producing quality sound.
It will shake your house and take over your entire setup. Even when it is not maxed out with one word. it is a killer also its ability to play loud and go more profound than anything else.

eye-catching design

in this class, it revs technical superiority. with an eye-catching design into one affordable package. and perfectly anchors the home theater or 2 channel system.
the subwoofers built-in low-pass crossover. can be continuously adjustable from 40 to 120 Hertz. also its base is evident and tight at lower volumes. overall this subwoofer delivers some of the best performance.
You can find at this price range no matter if you want to listen to loud music playing a game or watch a movie. it has enough power to deliver deep and yet accurate bass, and you will be able to hear every detail of an audio.

Polk Audio PSW10


best subwoofer for music under 500


Are you looking for a budget best option for fulfilling your music enthusiasm? here is the Polk Audio PSW10 honestly I don’t think you can not find a good subwoofer better than this subwoofer? For this price point.
You can feel deep thundering sound and get your music enthusiasm without any problem. It comes with speaker level and also line level input. but there has no LFE input. but that’s not a big deal considering the quality of this product. also has a volume knob and also have a variable crossover.
This is a 10 inches subwoofer with built-in amplifier, and also there has fantastic bass. 10 inches dynamic polymer composite balanced cone gives better sound quality. then most of the subwoofers. The Polk audio devices can be able to play high volume levels without any problem. The smart sensing circuit system knows to turn on itself and also turn off the subwoofer. There has a unique design its help to stable and steady the system. Even more in a high level of volume, it’s also capable of using the power efficiently.

Yamaha NS-SW300PN

best subwoofer for music under 500


The Yamaha NS-SW300PN combines with the best of features design and sound quality making it a great asset. That will fit into every room size. it has an impressive design with a gentle curve in front and piano black finish, and being twisted. It delivers an outstanding bass response.
Moreover, it has an LFE input that accepts cross overs signal from an AV receiver. As well as stereo RCA inputs. If your AV receiver has a standard subwoofer output. But that’s not all it also features speaker level inputs and productions.
So you can use it with an older to channel stereo receiver to the built-in power amplifier delivers the power output of 250 watts with high efficiency. While minimizing power heat production. By having a cordless filter.

low noise and distortion and excellent sound quality

It produces extremely low noise and distortion. With excellent and clear sound. Power and volume buttons are the most used are laid on the front surface of the unit for easy access. and are inclined at an angle of 45 degrees.
There is also an LED indicator. So it can be seen even in dimly light rooms, and you will know whether it is turned on or not. This remote control terminal can be linked on amplified power for automatically turning on or off. There also have an auto standby function.
this means if there is no signal for a certain period of time, it automatically switches to the standby state. and when the signal gets detected the power turns on automatically. limiting the wasteful consumption of electricity.
The sound is excellent. thanks to Yamaha said best activity server technology. in which the speaker and the amplifier are working together to minimize the resistance. to the speaker unit. So it will have perfectly linear motion. This technology also helps in ensuring the highest level of sound pressure. and overall performance.
Also, this highly efficient Danish woofer produces natural a smooth flow, and that plays a decidedly supporting role. for floor-standing speakers. Overall this is an affordable subwoofer with very high quality. Moreover produces enough sound to transform your room into a home theater..


Best subwoofer for music under 500 dollars is not a dream. considering the budget Polk Audio PSW10 is the best and cheapest option on the market. with a good reputation. Also when you find a better choice for your music enthusiasm. Klipsch Reference R-112SW is the best option for you. Also, consider the technology the Yamaha NS-SW300PN comes with Yamaha active servo technology. If you want to connect multiple devices easily to the subwoofer in your apartment. Klipsch Sub-12HG is the another best budget option for you. So when we consider about each subwoofer, they all have some pros and cons. in my research I was able to find the outstanding 5 best subwoofers under 500 dollars of the budget. Any questions? About the products comment below I will love to answer your question.

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