Best Low Cost Sound Bars

Best Low Cost Sound Bars

What are the best low cost sound bars?

I know, that’s your question. I also have the same problem when I was searching to buy a soundbar.

With my limited budget, I always find to buy a low-cost sound bar.

I think you also same as me have a limited budget.

Then this is the place you to make the right decision to buy a sound bar for your home or workplace.

With the rapid change in technology, CRT TVs are getting older, and markets saturated with LCD TVs.

When two decades ago at the CRT tv era the TVs have good speakers to get out the sounds.

But then to get better sounds most of the people finding a new way.

That the reason most of the tech companies are inventing a different kind of soundbars.

Nowadays most of the houses have an excellent soundbar to get better quality sounds.

So here is I’m listed below best low-cost sound bars at the market right now. Also, you can read I was already doing a little review of each product to understand.


best low cost sound bars

The Vizio SB 3621 is one of the most affordable and at the same time 2.1 channels soundbar system.

Because it combines with a sleek design, an affordable price, and a powerful audio output.

That will leave you without a breath from the moment you turn them on.

At the top, there are six controls of which you can take advantage to adjust the volume, pair with a Bluetooth enabled device or turn it on while at the front there is an embedded display that will notify you about your adjustments.

At the back, there are two digital inputs of which one is coaxial while the other is optical,

but you can also find a 3.5 millimeters jack and a USB.

That is only for WAV playback and not mp3.

Moving on to the subwoofer has the same aesthetics as the soundbar since it has metallic sides while the top wrapped with a cloth.

So when you combine both of them, they look fascinating.


Now let’s talk about the features. The soundbar and the speaker can produce an output of 100 decibels with less than 1% of distortion.

According to the manufacturer, while subwoofer itself can output lows rated at 20 Hertz. So you will instantly notice the presence of bass.

Moreover, as I’ve stated at the beginning, you can pair it with your mobile devices via Bluetooth and stream your favorite songs without any problem.

The other way is to use the included IR remote controller, which is pretty straightforward, and it suits the sound bars and the subwoofers aesthetics, which I particularly like.

Users claim that the dialog quality was top-notch.

So I think that during your movie sessions you won’t find any remarks regarding the quality.

Overall the Vizio sb 3621 deserves your attention.

Because both the soundbar and the subwoofer perform really good for their price tag.

Samsung HW-M 360/ZA

Samsung HW-M 360/ZA

The Samsung HW-M 360/ZA is Samsung’s 2017 model that has quickly established itself on the market.

Because users who don’t want to invest a large amount of money Have found it very adequate for their purposes.

From a design perspective, the soundbar features a sleek all-black design.

That is covered with mesh at around the top while the sides are solid.

So Samsung has done a great job.

Because the soundbar is an excellent example of a low profile unit.

When you unbox the package, you will also find a wireless subwoofer.

Which has the same color and the solid sides as the soundbar. so when you pair them, they look stunning.

Inside the wireless woofer, there is a 6.5-inch driver that outputs a quality bass.

the connectivities are composed of an analog audio input one micro USB for lan and software updates one optical digital audio input,

but you can also operate this system through Bluetooth or by downloading the Samsung audio remote app.


Let’s talk about the performance of the HW-M 360/ZA have a total power of 200 watts and a frequency response. that ranges between 45 Hertz to 20 kilohertz.

While the subwoofer itself has 130 watts of power and will drastically enhance the audio of everything you’re watching and listening.

Another great thing about the model is that it has a Dolby digital two-channel and DTS 2 channel audio processing formats.

So users can feel a real cinematic experience which is always welcome.

I would also need to inform you that the subwoofer can be connected to the soundbar within seconds.

So you won’t lose time on pairing and similar stuff.

Before we end about this soundbar, there is one more thing that I’d like to say, and that’s the Samsung zap.

This app is only compatible with Android, as Samsung claims.

So if you’re an Android user, then you can use the functions for power, volume media controls or even use advanced features such as the equalizer.

To conclude, the HW-M 360/ZA is an absolute steal.

Because it has everything needed that long promise years of usage with excellent audio quality.

Polk Signa S1

Samsung HW-M 360/ZA

The Polk audio signa one is a 2.1 channel sound bar that comes with a wireless subwoofer To maximize your user experience like you’ve never previously tasted.

From a design perspective, the soundbar itself is 35 inches wide, and it covered with black fabric. That protects 24.4-inch drivers and 2.1-inch tweet.

At the top of the soundbar, you can find the control panel that comprised of an input selection volume and a Bluetooth pairing button.

While at the back there is the power connection a pair of keyhole mounts and 3.5 millimeters audio inputs that are angled outward.

On the other side, the wireless subwoofer finished in black as the soundbar, and it covered with grill cloth with a black cutout for the bass port.

At the back, there is a green LED power and a sync button.

As well as a power connector. So both of them are unique in their way.

The box also contains a remote control of which you can take advantage to make many adjustments. or if you don’t like that the other option as you already know is via Bluetooth.


Now let’s talk about the features. The subwoofers 5.25-inch driver is quality enough to output a high dose of bass.

However, take in mind that it won’t fill your entire room since this is a budget product. So this would be normal.

Besides, the soundbar has plenty of power, and it will let you hear balanced highs and mids, and you can even feel the deepest lows.

So you shouldn’t worry about anything when you pair the two of them.

Polk claims that the total system response is rated at 45 Hertz.

Which in practice, it means that it can be compared to a pair of monitor loudspeakers.

Moreover, I’d suggest you taken advantage of the remote controller as well.

Because it has interesting modes such as the night mode and movie and music mode.

So you can use the one that suits you the best at a particular moment.

Overall the Polk Signa S1 offers excellent value for its actual cost, and you will recognize this immediately after your purchase.

Sony CT290

best low cost sound bars

Sony CT 290 is another excellent option.

That is worthy of being a part of the list.

Because it can drastically enhance your theater system.

So you can enjoy every minute while watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite tracks.

from a design perspective, the CT 290 has a really modern all-black construction. that is followed by a dark gray mesh.

Which gives it a really striking look.

When you open the package except for the soundbar, you will also find a wireless subwoofer one digital amplifier, a footpad battery, remote controller, and an optical cable.

From the start, you will be already armed with everything necessary.

The subwoofer itself shares the same color combination as the soundbar.

So when you pair the sound bard and set them in front of your TV, they would look very handsome.

The connectivities include an optical input and HDMI arc and a USB port.

But you can also stream music wirelessly because the soundbar is Bluetooth enabled.


Let’s talk about performance. The Sony CT 290 are capable enough to deliver 300 watts of power.

If we take into consideration that Sony has used their famous S 4’s pro front surround.

It means that the mids highs and the lows will be exceptionally defined.

When it comes to the bass well, the wireless subwoofer does an outstanding job in producing a quality punchy bass.

According to the users so you won’t find any issues with both of them.

Moreover, I’d also want to mention that the subwoofer has a 5.2-inch cone that is paired with a bass reflex tube. So the bass quality will never disappoint you.

On the remote, you can see that there are two dedicated buttons. Labeled as voice and night. ]

If you click on the first one, then the dialogues from your movies will be enhanced while the night mode will improve the low volumes.

So you won’t wake your neighbors from sleeping.

To conclude the Sony CT290 is worthy of considering so you can try it out and assure yourself of its capabilities.

Yamaha YAS-107BL

best low cost sound bars

Yamaha YAS-107BL is a must have if you’re looking for a budget sound bar that performs like a premium one.

But what’s the secret let’s find out right away.

From a design perspective, Yamaha YAS-107BL features an attractive black design.

That is followed by a cloth covering. That is present on the top front and the sides.

At the top, there are the controls and LED indicators while at the back there are the connectivity ports.

That consists of an HDMI output with ARC support and an HDMI input.

Besides, both of them support 4k 60p, HDR 3d, and HDCP 2.2 so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Taking these ports aside, you can also find 3.5 millimeters analog input Jack USB port.

That is for firmware updates only and an optical digital input.

Also, this unit has a built-in Bluetooth 4.1 which, according to Yamaha, has a range of 10 meters.

Which I find it pretty useful considering its price tag.


Now let’s talk about the features.

This soundbar has two 1.8 inch woofers two 1.0-inch tweeters and two 3.0-inch built-in subwoofers.

That can output 120 watts of total power, which is quite good.

I’d recommend you download the Yamaha’s home theater controller app.

Which has exciting features of which you can take advantage without putting any noticeable effort.

Because all you have to do is tap on your smartphone screen.

For example, except for adjusting the volume, you can use the clear voice option.

Which will enhance the dialog or the bass extension which as you know improves the bass quality.

Another great thing is that you can mount the sound bar on your wall if you’d like to preserve some space.

Namely, there is a keyhole slot on the rear so you can attach the sound bar easily on the wall or the other option is to lay it flat.

Therefore the performance will be equally good since the mids highs lows in the bass are excellent for the price.

Overall the Yamaha YAS-107BL is a top option because it doesn’t cost much, but it performs like a pro.

Buyer Guidebest low cost sound bars

A soundbar is an ideal gadget for your home to get better quality sounds. Also, Their sleek design gives a new look to your living room. At the same time, they are easy to set up.

Some soundbars come with a subwoofer, and some of them come without a subwoofer. But some soundbars produce quality and enough bass their own to be a significant improvement over TV speakers still.

But a subwoofer adds a lot of punch and Rumble for movies that make music sound fuller, and it helps to fill up the room with sound.

That helps you to get excellent music experience in your room.

Most soundbar subwoofers today are wireless plug them into a wall outlet, and they connect automatically.

Most sound bars are designed so that one cable comes from the tv back panel to provide the audio signal to the soundbar optical digital cables are okay but better to connect with an HDMI cable.

Because HDMI can be supporting numerous audio formats.

That implies you get both high-grade sound quality and an extraordinary immersive surround sound experience.

HDMI AARC is a feature that makes everything more straightforward and more comfortable to use.

AARC lets the TV communicate with the sound bar it can send audio signals that allow you to use only one remote control to control the volume.

Some soundbars can also act as a hub for home entertainment gear.

That means all your gear plugs into them, and just one HDMI cable runs up to the TV.

that allows you to use only one remote controller to control the volume.

what are the channels of a soundbar?

I’m sure you probably notice numbers like 2.0, 3.1 or 5.1 when shopping that refers to how many channels the soundbar system supports.

The first digit is referred to the number of the actual speakers, and the second digit indicates if the sound system has a subwoofer and the five channels sound bars are included surround sound. Typically these are wireless.

You’ll still need a power source for them so plan to have an outlet nearby.

If the sound bar includes a third digit like 5.1.4, that means it uses Dolby Atmos.

That’s bounces sound off your ceiling for more immersive sound effect. You’re going to find that soundbars vary significantly in terms of the number of features and surround options.

They have as well as the price, for instance, a simple sound bar like the Amazon basic soundbar offers great two channels sound.

But you could also spend up to ten times higher price for a Dolby Atmos sound bar.

Think about the parameters of a soundbar

If the soundbar is going to be on entertainment and make sure the height of the bar isn’t going to block the TV’s infrared or IR.

this is where it gets the remote control signal some sound bars have IR repeaters to work around this by passing the infrared signals back to the TV.

But either way, make sure the soundbar isn’t so tall.

It will block any of the TVs pictures it isn’t always possible to get a perfect match.

But look for a sound bar that closely matches the width of the TV, especially When wall mounting it just looks better sound bases are another option, and they can typically provide more bass than a soundbar without a subwoofer.

These are speakers that you set under your TV.

Make sure to check the measurements of the TV stand will either fit on the surface of the sound base or the sound base will slide under the TV and fit between its legs.

No matter what soundbar you choose, you can expect more precise dialogue, richer sound, and deeper bass than your TV is capable of getting ready for a much more enthralling TV watching experience.

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