best japanese rice cooker

best japanese rice cooker

Best Japanese Rice Cooker For Rice Lovers Buyer Guide 2018

If you are a rice lover you need to buy a good rice cooker. I’m sure you defiantly search “what is the best Japanese rice cooker” On the market because you want to find the best rice cooker for your day to day life uses.there have lots of rice cookers on the internet but you need to choose the best rice cooker to prepare your meals.

Here’s The List Of Best Japanese Rice Cookers 

Japanese Rice CookersRatingsPrice
Zojirushi NS-YAC10/184.6 Star RatingBuy it Now
Zojirushi NHS-064.2 Star RatingBuy it Now
Zojirushi NS-ZCC104.6 Star RatingBuy it Now
Aroma ARC-150SB4.3 Star RatingBuy it Now
Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker4.5 Star RatingBuy it Now
Zojirushi NP-NVC104.5 Star RatingBuy it Now

As a rice lover, I am always using Japanese rice cookers. Because they have outstanding quality, you don’t need to think twice to buy these products. So I decided to make this post to help peoples to find the best Japanese rice cooker on the market right now.

Before purchasing a rice cooker, you need to consider a couple of things. So here is I listed below the essential tips for making your right decision?

How to choose a best Japanese rice cooker

when selecting the best Japanese rice cooker you will need to consider a variety of things. For example, the type of rice you want to cook quality of rice and also options such as being able to steam fish or vegetables.

Pressure Cooker Function.

Choose one that has a pressure cooking function. Cooking rice with a pressurized system creates rice that is much softer and prolongs its softness for more extended periods. Heat maintained at higher levels.

If you want a more gelatinous form of rice that is sweeter and easier to digest this is a good choice.

Induction Heating Technology.

Another function to consider when choosing a best Japanese rice cooker is induction heating technology will produce consistent and cooked excellent in quality.

Due to being able to make more great temperature adjustments for precise heating.

The Programmed Built-in Computer Technology. 

Unlike with conventional rice cookers. Soaking and steaming time before and after cooking rice can be an automated program with built-in computer chips that control these aspects.

Built-in microchips are definitely worth the investment. It can “think” and adjust cooking length and temperatures according to the thermal sensor’s calculations. That Resulting in flawless brown rice, sushi rice, and porridge.

Think about your budget.

when you think about budget your mind going to buy a conventional normal rice cooker Conventional electric rice cookers. these are OK if you are a beginner or want a basic, inexpensive rice cooker, my experience is they are only suitable for cooking plain white rice.

Work well when new you usually have two things on and off. Create a lot of steam which escapes they splutter and spit boiling water and stream which can be a hazard and you definitely will not be able to bake any cakes or porridge with it.

Conventional rice cookers do a good job, but the added functions will give you more advanced controls to cook more delicious rice.

There are models with functions to bake cakes steam foods or slow cook if you love rice and eat on a daily basis invest in a good quality multifunctional brand.

If you eat rice regularly and prefer tasty, perfect rice the Zojirushi NP -HTC18 is an ideal choice for you. Here an interesting video about best Japanese rice cooker s. 

Different Types of Japanese Rice Cookers

Conventional Rice Cookers This

is one type of best Japanese rice cooker the old school ones which are with the ones that most people are familiar with the conventional rice cookers are the easiest to use.
It heats the rice through a heating element at the bottom of the rice cooker.
which when you want your plane place in the inner pan close the lid and press down the button is going to start cooking automatically.
Once the cooking process has done, the button at which point will pop up, and it’s able to go in to keep warm mode, or it will turn off.

Fuzzy Logic – Micro

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom 3-Cup

the second best Japanese rice cooker type is the fuzzy logic rice cookers have a computer chip building in the front part.

What it does it regulates the temperature during the cooking process to allow better results.

The temperature throughout the entire cooking process again the rice heated with the same type of technology.

Through a heating element at the bottom.

Same thing when you put in the inner pan close the lid it was automatically cooking the rice.

However, in this case, you have a lot of a lot more control over the type of rice.

Induction Heat

Zojirushi NS-TSC10

Here is a little bit expensive best Japanese rice cooker type. Most of the people are not so familiar with induction heating Rice cookers.

Instantaneous healing through placing a magnetic material in the magnetic field.

In this case, the rice cooker has a magnetic coil positioned at the bottom of the rice cooker.

Inside of this rice cooker will look different than other ones.

It has not a heating element to indirectly heat this inner pan slightly a heats the span instantaneously Once this place. So due to this fact it’s able to regulate the temperature throughout the cooking process much easier, and it’s ready to reduce the cooking time.

Also, make much better tasting the rice.

Electrical IH Pressure

this is the last best Japanese rice cooker type on the market right now if you want the best-tasting rice, you can choose the pressurized induction heating rice cooker.

the difference between the pressurized IH and the regular IH is that the pressurized version does not allow air and liquid.

to escape above a certain level.

this creates a higher cooking temperature and therefore is able to cook the rice much faster.

this process also alters the starch within each grain of rice.

so you will have rice with better tasting and have the better texture it’s going to become much fluffier.

also, it’s able to keep its taste for a longer period of time. even when you leave it in the fridge for the next day.


Top 6 Japanese Rice Cookers

After lots of research on the internet, I was finally able to find the best Japanese rice cookers on the market at that moment. So I summarized their functions, specifications and things you probably will avoid using each rice cooker read carefully my instructions of the buyer guide I’m sure and guarantee you will get the right choice for your money.

Zojirushi NS-YAC10/18

Zojirushi NS-YAC10

here is first best Japanese rice cooker on my list  This is five and a half cup capacity rice cooker an ideal rice cooker for serious rice lovers.

You can make any rice using this rice cooker and there have all sorts of settings and functions.

It has a nice carrying handle also there has a button you can press the button to open the lid. When you close the lid make sure you click to close it shut.

Control Panel

the control panel has a lot going on the time setting buttons are 4 setting. the clock timer or cooking time you can press the menu button to set the menu.

you want to use sweet rice, GABA Brown rice free mixed sushi porridge. also, there are a slow cook feature and a keep warm button you can select a regular or extended keep warm for up to 12 hours.

Cooking Process

after you choose the menu, you’ll press the large start button to start the cooking process. there’s also a cancel button there have sound signals that come on when the unit starts cooking.

also when it’s finished. you can even change the sounds if you want to there have a vent where the steam comes out while cooking. make sure you don’t place them directly underneath your cabinets inside is the nonstick cooking pan.

it has markings for the amount of water to use when cooking different types of rice. and also a max line when slow cooking. the inner lid can detach for cleaning by pushing and hook up it’s easy to reattach. and that’s the heating element inside the cooker.

Detailed Instructions Save Your Time

the unit comes with an incredibly detailed instruction manual and some recipes you can see from the manual this rice cooker is for serious rice lovers.

This unit has a Mirai setting which soaks and steams the rice longer to make it even tastier their estimated cooking times for each type of rice.

Free Items With Rice Cooker

also, there has a Quick Start guide a measuring cup for white rice that’s 6.1 ounces a green cup for rinse-free rice that’s 5.8 ounces also have a nonstick spatula for use.

additionally, inside the container, there has a holder for the spatula. and you can attach that to the side of the unit the power cord can attach to the bottom of the unit.

when cooking completes the rice cooker automatically switches to the regular keep warm mode and the  regular keep warm light will turn on

The Cleaning Process

when you finish cooking press the cancel button and unplug the unit to clean. wait till the unit is cool. also, the inner lid set can detach and you can put it in warm or cold water and then wash with a sponge.

the gasket cannot remove the lid set should clean after every use the outer lid can wipe down with a cloth.

similarly, the interior of the body and the heating plate can also wipe down with a soft cloth. also, the cups spatula holders and the inner cooking pan can wash with mild detergent and water.

none of the parts is dishwasher safe is hand wash only.

Best Japanese rice Cooker for family uses.

This Zojirushi rice cooker has lots of functions, and it’s great for families who eat a lot of rice. And don’t want to go through the hassle of making it on their own the rice cooker does it correctly for you.



  • you can use it for multipurpose as a rice cooker and a slow cooker it was doing a great job
  • there have lots of functions but its very lightweight you can be carried it anywhere without any problem



  • its expensive than most of the rice cookers in the market
  • its take an extended time to cook rice than the conventional rice cookers


Check Price & User Reviews


Zojirushi NHS-06

Zojirushi NHS-06

here is the second one on my list most people know about this rice cooker because this was the best  Japanese rice cooker in late 90’s This is a 6 cup rice cooker/steamer and warmer also you can steam foods and keeps them warm.

There has a stainless steel steaming tray with removable easy to clean nonstick inner cooking pan also, have an automatic keep-warm function that activates immediately after food is cooked.

Includes measuring cup, a spatula, and removable cord for easy storing have a durable stay-cool handle for safe handling.

Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY very easy to use if you are a rice lover this also an ideal budget friendly rice cooker for making plain rice in your day to day life.



  • easy to use as a beginner
  • there have not too much to control only have ON and OFF switches



  • It’s using the old technology
  • You only can be cooking plain rice


Check Price & User Reviews

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 here is next best Japanese rice cooker the neuro fuzzy rice cooker, and warmer is one of Zojirushi best-selling rice cookers and is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The rice cooker is available in a five and a half or ten cups in size.

Both sizes include advanced features to cook delicious rice and a variety of healthy grains with no stress.

The Neuro-Fuzzy Technology

also, the neuro-fuzzy microcomputer allows the rice cooker to think for itself.

It makes fine adjustments to cooking time and temperature. According to the type of grain and its amount to ensure it cooked perfectly every time.

Cooking Process

there have two cups the clear cup for white, brown semi brown and sweet rice use the green Cup for rinse-free rice. both cups are slightly smaller than a standard u.s. measuring cup.

you can select from regular or sushi white rice soft or white rice harder white rice quick cooking mixed rice porridge sweet rice semi-brown rice or brown rice from the easy to read LCD control panel.

for rinse-free rice press the pre-washed button before making your menu selection. press the cooking button and let the rice cooker do its job.

Technical Specification

the triple heaters inside the rice cooker heat the rice from the bottom sides and the top cooking the rice.

Evenly this machine also features a clock and delay timer function with two programmable memory settings. Set the timer up to 13 hours in the future for rice that’s ready when you want it once.

After the rice cooked the rice cooker automatically switches to keep warm mode the cooked rice can keep warm for up to 12 hours.

Extended keep warm function

the neuro fuzzy rice cooker and warmer also features an extended keep warm mode. which keeps the rice warm at a lower temperature for an additional eight hours. the reheat cycle quickly brings rice back to serving temperature.

the stay cool site handles on the inner cooking pan allows for quick and easy transporting of hot, delicious rice. the detachable inner lid and the inner cooking pan are fully washable.

and the exterior can wipe down for easy cleaning. also, the retractable power cord and sturdy handle make this machine easy to transport.

Free Items With Rice Cooker

also, store accessories include a rice spatula holder a regular rice measuring cup and a rinse-free rice measuring cup.

The Zojirushi neuro fuzzy rice cooker and warmer made in Japan with an eye towards superior technology. Design and performance Zojirushi inspirations from everyday life.thats why this rice cooker has a reputation as the best Japanese rice cooker on the market.



  • it’s using neuro-fuzzy logic advance technology
  • easy to control with LCD panel
  • easy to cleaning



  • it’s got a long time to cook the rice than the conventional rice cooker
  • it’s complex to understand as a beginner


Check Price & User Reviews

Aroma ARC-150SB

Aroma ARC-150SB
aroma series can cook up to 10 cups of raw is another best Japanese rice cooker on the market right now. it can also steam vegetables or meat at the same time. as you cook rice, the cooker renders a little over 11 inches in height and about 12 inches across.  this will take up some counter space the cord is about 46 inches long.

included with the cooker is the inner pot steam train measuring cup and spatula all the parts are free. if you lose the measuring so there have a 3/4 cup standard u.s. measure you can find the measurements on the side of the cup.

just hold 160 grams of rice or 5.6 ounces. there’s own little quarter half and 3 cup markings the lid has a handle and a release button.

the steam vent goes to a hole and that can remove for cleaning the vent on top of the cooker should not be blocked. condensation collects pulls out and you can attitude. if you need to the control panel shows the functions you can use.

Special features

there’s white rice with a brown rice function. you can cook quinoa and other grades that need a longer time to cook a steam function slow cook can set the time from 2 to 10 hours to make the stew or anything else.

that you want to use this local function for remember not to use the included spatula for slow cooking. it can withstand high heat the flash drive function. cooks rice about 10 minutes faster than the white rice function with the delay timer.

you can pour water and right from the top and use the plus and minus buttons. to set the time to start cooking and there is the key form function. when the units finish is sitting right that automatically switches to keep warm.

the keep warm function should not be used for longer than 12 hours there has an on/off button to turn the unit on-off.

Cleaning Process

before using make sure to wash the condensation collector the steam vent inside the lid the steam tray cup spatula and inner pot. you can wash all the parts in warm soapy order or on the top rack of your dishwasher.

of course, don’t wash the cooker itself. just wipe it down in the damp cloth. dry all the parts and make sure to put the steam vent back into the lid and also the condensation collector makes sure that the inner pod is dry on the outside.

you don’t want any wetness to touch the inside of the cooker. inside the inner pot, you can see the water line that matches up with the number of rice that you’re using.

Cooking Process

so if you’re measuring 8 cups of rice in the include measuring cup. you would fill water up to the marked line. next, to the 8 the instruction manual lists the cups of rice cooking times and yield there’s also a steam table for meat and vegetables.

a few recipes are included in the manual. the maximum amount of rice you can cook is 8 cups of raw rice. and you can steam at any point during the rice cooking period.

Think About This

but the best thing to do is to steam towards the end of the cycle. so the vegetables and rice will be done at the same time and both will be hot according to the manual.

once the rice is finished cooking and during this mode, the display will show how many hours it’s been on keeping warm turn the unit to oven unplugged. when you’re finished, it’s best to take out steamed food right away.

since the pot is nonstick make sure you don’t use any metal utensils. you don’t want to scratch the coating. it’s very easy to wash out the plastic tray the brightly colored vegetables like carrots will stain.

if you can get the stains out with some lemon juice, try out the slow consumption in the inner pot cooking is finished. and the unit has switched to keep warm mode.



  • this is a multi-tasking rice cooker most peoples are appreciated this functions
  • easy to use, carry out and clean



  • the last bottom of the rice get brown


Check Price & User Reviews

Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker

Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker

Tiger rice cooker is another best Japanese rice cooker with IH or induction heating technology it is an advanced heating method. that creates precise and instantaneous heat.

this method causes the inner pot of your rice cooker to become hot extremely quickly. distributing focused heat at optimal levels. and making automatic adjustments to ensure proper temperatures for each of the program.

cooking presets coils covered by the inner casing of the rice cooker create a magnetic field.

How It’s Work

during the cooking process, the magnetically charged cooking pot and the internal heating element communicate with each other. and deliver even exact and lightning-fast heat with an IH rice cooker.

the inner cooking pot becomes the heating element in tigers to jkt models. also, there is an additional heat source behind the inner lid which traps heat inside the machine.

and results in fluffy rice every time.  an IH rice cooker heats up and delivers pinpointed temperature adjustments. with speed and efficiency much more quickly than a Mike on the rice cooker. IH heating technology also results in perfectly cooked rice.

eliminating uneven cooking consistencies, you might get with standard one push machines. it is the most advanced heating technology in any household appliance. from soup to rice whatever you’re cooking.  also this precise heating method.

will deliver the best quality meal in the shortest time for you.



  • the impressive new induction heating system cook faster than other heating technologies
  • you can cook two foods at the same time does this help you to save the valuable time
  • easy to control and easy to read with LCD panel



  • its little bit expensive than compared with other models


Check Price & User Reviews

Zojirushi NP-NVC10

Zojirushi NP-NVC10
this is so Zojirushi’s induction heating pressure rice cooker and warmer with the most advanced technology yet.

this also can be rank on the top as a best Japanese rice cooker. this cooker features a combination of induction heating and pressure cooking and a variety of settings.

also inspired innovations that enable it to cook perfect rice every time. this model is available in a five and a half and ten cup size. and when you measure raw rice use the cup provided as this measures slightly under a traditional cup.

measurement of the beautiful clear coated stainless steel exterior fits with any kitchen decor. the beauty is equally matched with its brains this model is fully equipped with the latest in fuzzy logic technology and artificial intelligence.

the cooker literally remembers prior cooking experiences and produces. the same results and consistency use after use and year after year.

works best under pressure

the induction heating pressure rice cooker and warmer works best under pressure. uses pressure to turn beta starch into alpha starch which produces a softer rice that’s easier to digest.  I also found that rice cooked under pressure stays soft or longer.

when cold, the rice cooker selects from three pressure settings to cook rice to the perfect consistency for the menu. chosen induction heating is a method of cooking that creates instant and precise heat.

the inner pan heats up not the inside of the machine. also, this cooking pan is no ordinary metal pan

Platinum particles have been infused into the non-stick coating. which makes the water become more alkaline.

Use alkaline Water for best result

also, studies have shown that cooking rice with alkaline water enhances the natural sweetness of the rice. the easy to read LCD panel has a scroll menu that allows you to choose from a variety of menus and settings.

a new setting is a steam reduce it reduces the amount of steam emitted which helps to cut damage to cabinets and walls.  as you scroll through the settings,

you will see white rice mixed sushi sweet porridge brown rinse-free and quick cooking settings. exclusive to this cooker is the steam reduce setting and the scorching setting.

Cleaning  Process

the umami and GABA Brown settings are found in other advanced models. As well when done cooking the entire unit is easy to clean.

Also, the platinum infuses pan nonstick, and the inner lid easily releases to rinse off the exterior is clear coated to repel oils as well as stains making cleanup a cinch no matter how you decide to cook.

Your rice the induction heating and pressure rice cooker and warmer produce the perfect serving of rice every time.



  • there have three warming option to select
  • the rice cooker using the AI ( Artificial Intelligence) to control the system
  • the lid and the pan very easy to remove and clean



  • It’s expensive
  • there have no steamer basket

Check Price & User Reviews


As a rice lover, I still use Zojirushi HI Pressure Rice Cooker.

because it came up with lots of best features.

Conventional Rice Cookers are Cheap But They Are Not Very Good

lastly, I want to point out that if you have the conventional type rice cooker, you do want to have the rice rinsed and sit in the water for about 30 minutes. before put before pressing down the cooking button.

and also after the cooking process completed, you do want to wait another 15 minutes. before lifting the lid. and serve now this is unnecessary

throughout the rest of the rice cooker line due to the fact that you have a microcomputer chip. built in that take in to take this process into account

All Products Have Free Accessories

all of the above-mentioned best Japanese rice cooker s come with accessories. such as the rice measuring cup as well as a spatula. when you do measure the rice you want to keep it, take into account that there is a specific water level.

instructor inside the pan itself that’s according to what you’re making that’s where the water should be

hopefully this post will make it easier for you to choose your right next to rice cooker. also, I recommend you to watch this video about the best Japanese rice cooker s


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