Best Japanese Rice Cooker For Rice Lovers Buyer Guide 2018

If you are a rice lover you need to buy a good rice cooker. I’m sure you defiantly search “what is the best japanese rice cooker” On the internet because you want to find the best rice cooker for your day to day life uses.there have lots of rice cookers on the internet but you need to choose the best rice cooker to prepare your meals. because all the rice cookers are not the best for daily uses.

Here’s The List Of Best Japanese Rice Cookers 

Japanese Rice CookersRatingsPrice
Zojirushi NS-YAC10/184.6 Star RatingBuy it Now
Zojirushi NHS-064.2 Star RatingBuy it Now
Zojirushi NS-ZCC104.6 Star RatingBuy it Now
Aroma ARC-150SB4.3 Star RatingBuy it Now
Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker4.5 Star RatingBuy it Now
Zojirushi NP-NVC104.5 Star RatingBuy it Now

as a rice lover I always using Japanese rice cookers. because they have a very good quality you don’t need to think twice to buy these products. so I decided to make this post to help peoples to find best Japanese rice cooker on the market right now. before buying rice cooker you need to consider couple of things. so here is I listed below the basic tips for making your right decision.

How to choose a best Japanese rice cooker

when choosing the best rice cooker you will need to consider a variety of things. for example, the type of rice you want to cook quality of rice and also options such as being able to steam fish or vegetables.

Pressure Cooker Function.

choose one that has a pressure cooking function.

cooking rice with a pressurized system creates a rice that is much softer and prolongs its softness for longer periods.

because the heat is maintain at higher levels.

if you want a more gelatinous form of rice that is sweeter and easier to digest this is a good choice.

Induction Heating Technology.

Another function to consider when choosing rice cookers is induction heating technology. which will produce a rice this consistent and cooked excellent in quality.

due to being able to make finer temperature adjustments for precise heating.

The Programmed Built-in Computer Technology. 

unlike with conventional rice cookers.

soaking and steaming time before and after cooking rice can be automate program with built-in computer chips that control these aspects.

Built-in microchips are definitely worth the investment.

It can “think” and adjust cooking length and temperatures according to the thermal sensor’s calculations. resulting in flawless brown rice, sushi rice and porridge.

Think your budget.

conventional electric rice cookers these are OK if you are a beginner or want a basic inexpensive rice cooker,my experience is that they are only good for cooking plain white rice.

work well when new you usually have two things on and off. create a lot of steam which escapes they splutter and spit boiling water and stream which can be a hazard and you definitely will not be able to bake any cakes or porridge with it.

conventional rice cookers do a good job but the added functions will give you more advanced controls to cook more delicious rice.

there are models with functions to bake cakes steam foods or slow cook if you love rice and eat on a daily basis invest in a good quality multi functional brand.

if you eat rice regularly and prefer tasty perfect rice the Zojirushi NP -HTC18 is perfect choice for you. Here a interesting video about japanese rice coockers

Different Types of Japanese Rice Cookers

        Conventional Rice Cookers

the old school ones which is with the ones that most people are familiar with the conventional rice cookers are the easiest to use.
it heats the rice through a heating element at the bottom of the rice cooker.
which when you want your plane place in the inner pan close the lid and press down the button is going to start cooking automatically.
once the cooking process done the button at which point will pop up and it’s able to go in to keep warm mode or it will turn off.