best gaming laptop under 800

best gaming laptop under 800


best gaming laptop under 800 dollars

if you’re not an expert in laptop specifications, then it must be a pain in the ass to choose the best laptop for your under 800 dollars budget. I know lots of peoples waste their money on useless laptops. Because they have not the proper knowledge to choose the best laptop for gaming or their day to day works.

So don’t worry about your knowledge; Today I will be going help you to find your dream gaming laptop under 800 budget. All the google searching and comparisons have been done. so stop wasting time for searching

today I’m bringing you the best laptop which you can get under 800 dollars in 2018 For regular works, you can buy a budget laptop for around $400, but if you are a hardcore gamer or will be doing video editing or other heavy stuff, Then laptop around 800 dollars will be useful to buy.

now ask yourself whether you still need a laptop under $800

Here is the list of best laptops under 800 dollars on the market right now.

Before reviewing each laptop, I’m going to talk about gaming laptops. And what you need to know before buying a computer or laptop you need consider about many of things. When it comes to being able to play on it, there’s a lot to have in mind before spending your money on it.

So I’m going to list the top 5 things to have in mind before buying a laptop.

1) specifications and hardware:

The number one things you want to be looking at when buying a gaming laptop? Today it is the hardware in the Laptop that is going to determine. If you’re going to be able to play upcoming high-end PC games, where a ton of mods without that irritating stutter in smooth and high frame rates. What it’s meaning is you get the right choice for your money.

Now for some reason, some people do think that the screen of the laptop. The monitor is also involved in how many frames you’re able to push in a game that is not true. There few things to have in mind whoever when it comes to the screen itself,

save up a decent budget before buying a gaming laptop.

Because there is not much that you can do about it to make it play your most favorite games faster in the future by purchasing another new hard drive and get some more RAM. Because the CPU and the GPU are the two main things that make your game run smoothly. These two main things are soldered already into the mainboard of the laptop. And cannot be changed or also upgraded.

You need to be sure about your laptop computer has at least 4(four) CPU cores

don’t ever buy a laptop that has an Intel Celeron and gleams on accelerants. Or low-end, and budget CPUs and fit with only two cores. Always have an eye at the CPU how many cores it has as you probably already knew the GPU or the graphics card in the laptop are equally important.

If not even more critical if you want to be able to game on your laptop.

Stay away from Intel HD graphics intel Irish graphics

stay away from Intel HD graphics intel Irish graphics and the GeForce and make serious these GPUs are not meant for gaming in the first place. And the performance of any of these is terrible in games. Instead, you want to look for either Nvidia GeForce GTX series or the AMD Radeon or 5 or r7 series which are built to handle games.

2) connectivity

You need to be sure that the gaming laptop you must be buying carries at least two or more USB ports and not just only the USB three types two also you want to have at least two stable USB 3 type USB connectors. Why because you want to be able to connect a gaming mouse and possibly your gaming headset.

As well as headsets today comes with a USB connector instead of the traditional 3.5-millimeter connector. If you don’t want to spend extra on adapters hanging onto your gaming laptop, pay attention to the number of USB slots as well as the Ethernet port as well.

3) battery life

Now the battery life might not be the first thing you look for when buying again a laptop today. And the main reason for that is primarily because in the past gaming on a laptop was almost impossible and you were glad if you can make it last for an hour in new technology has evolved to a point where it’s possible to gain several hours on the go.

If you are interested in the game on the go look for gaming lab that equipped with a GPU from the latest Nvidia tenth series. As they are the most battery effective right now.

4) temperatures

The heat is always one of the most significant concerns around gaming laptops. Basically, and it’s challenging to fit high-end components into such tight areas. And at the same time to keep everything neat and quiet. If you would have asked me a few years ago what gaming laptop you should get,

I would have told you to avoid buying a gaming laptop. Whoever again thanks to the evolution this is not the case anymore we have finally reached a point. Where you can if you want to place your laptop in your lap and game on it for hours without burning yourself.

Again be sure to think to buy a laptop with the latest technology.

5)the screen

The screen 720p 1080p 1440p or 4k what about input lag and what about viewing angles. a rule is a space everything above 1080p, or full HD is just not worth it I’ve talked about how much more gaming laptops makes more sense today. Thanks to how far we’ve come in the technology.

but to be able to run 4k on a small laptop without any stutter or hiccups for around $800 Is not possible so instead of getting a gaming laptop machine with a 4k display save yourself all the headache and money I get on with a 1080p display instead with better viewing angles.

If it says ISP, you can sure the viewing angle is going to be pretty good. Without starting an in-depth conversation about screen types, ASP panels are well known for having great viewing angles. If you are buying an even more expensive gaming laptop,

generally, you can be pretty sure that the display was going to have right viewing angles. also if it’s a none isp panel and that’s it,

these are the top 5 things to look at before buying a gaming laptop in 2018

Again specs connectivity that realizes heat and screen there’s a lot of factors have in our mind before to buying a gaming laptop as you can see if you did some research and self-study before to purchasing a laptop you could make the right choice for your money. That you have a better understanding of what you should spend your money.

so now let’s get to review each gaming laptops under 800 dollars

Acer Aspire 5

best gaming laptop under 800

Here is the first laptop take the Acer Aspire 5 for 600 dollars. For that price point, I was impressed with this laptop performance. I know there is not the most powerful thing in the world, but it gives some performance than the something like Dell Inspiron 7000 series.

For 800 dollars you are getting tons of more performance,

but compared to the higher end laptops at $700 through Asus stuff FX 504 looks could perfect gaming laptop than this Acer laptop. In the first glance, it looks pretty decent, so they’re going for the whole gamer aesthetic with the red accents. And the fake brush metal which I will mention is entirely plastic.

Acer Aspire 5 is a thin laptop, and it’s lightweight at 5 pounds only and one-inch thick. If it’s in your backpack, it never notices. It looks better than it’s actual photos and videos it looks like brushed metal, but honestly, it feels very plastic.

The screen of the laptop

let us consider the screen especially considering that this is going to be a $700 laptop speaking of the screen it’s OK for these price’s A 1080p and 15.6inch panel. It’s going to be pretty much mediocre.

Ths Speaker of the laptop

nice to see a little bit of an upgrade speaker why’s this is going to sound pretty decent, so it does have a pair of’s not quite as good as something that’s going to be on the decklid facing directly toward you. But it’s a lot better than most laptops.

That fire down into well whatever it is that the keyboard is going to be backlit in the same red that’s all over the laptop, and there’s some good stuff with it, so I do think it has an adorable layout.

There also have a decent trackpad

It is using Windows precision drivers, and also it’s not o be the biggest trackpad in the world again entirely fine. the port selection is not great there have two USB 3.0, and one USB 2.0 HDMI also, have an Ethernet that’s Port is OK they are essential, but there has no USB C Thunderbolt support SD card reader.

The benchmarks of the Acer Aspire 5

It’s going to be pretty basic here now let us look at the benchmarks, and you’ll see if there have a step up than the last generation i5 although it’s not to be a massive leap while it comes close to the i7 dual 2.3 GHz clock does holding back a with the i5 is that GTX 1050.

You know these are doing a pretty decent performance at 1080p. If you compare it with some other competitors including the 1050 Ti in the Dell as well as the MX 150 in the Acer.

There have eight gigabytes of ram you can expand that to 16 concerts easily or 32 gigabytes

if you want that only has a one terabyte hard drive mind it is going to be an SSHD the battery was relatively small 48 watt-hour cell. So don’t expect to do hours and hours of gaming on this laptop.

What you can’t do is well not overheat it is going to have true cooling fans as well. Also, a couple of heat pipes for the CPU and even the GPU that combination with the heat sinks on the back side should keep this reasonably cool under an extended gaming period.

gaming experience with Acer Aspire 5

Let ‘s get into some gaming and first of all, I have play rocket League at 1080p on high settings. I was getting a pretty impressive hundred frames per second.

rocket League with Acer Aspire 5

rocket League is not exactly a demanding game especially with a GTX 1050 inside is entirely no problem. Next, I played everyone’s favorite PUG G with this laptop. Not like people play any other game these days, so I have using 1080p low settings and with that, I was going with50 to 60 frames per second if you do want higher settings.

You will sacrifice some frame rates with 30 you can probably go up to medium.

Next, I was playing port night 1080p on medium settings

I was getting it’s still impressive with 75 to 90 frames per second. This is an excellent example for this kind of game. I sure you’re not running at settings like 300 frames per second. But the majority of people a medium 1080 piece of gaming experience. It’s going to be running at this high frame rate is going to be more than enough.

Middle Earth shadow

Next is was play game that’s going to be much more demanding Middle Earth shadow of war. At 1080p on low settings with hovering around these 60 FPS. You can change some settings up to the medium if you want a bit of a better graphics. But if you want to get that 60 frames per second, you’re able to get it.

this laptop is in a weird position on one hand for $700 the performance is awe-inspiring

Getting that new 8th gen Core i5 processor paired with the GTX 1050 well that handles 1080p gaming very quickly. but in this kind of price, the trade-offs do start to add up so stuff like the build quality on the screen I can mostly overlook when it comes to the SSHD that’s where I begin to have real problems for $700

Working with a slow hard drive feels like windows super slow, but SSHD can help. But I would like to prefer you to find an SSD like in the Aspire or Dell. At they’re going to be options been a little bit more expensive and better in pretty much every way.

It’s an exciting laptop there’s a lot that I like with it, but it’s kind of hard to recommend at this price if only if only they had an SSD.

Check Price & User Reviews

Lenovo Y700 14″ Notebookbest gaming laptop under 800

So the first thing is the I can see the laptop design looks was like that’s a carbon fiber finish that is plastic, but it seems pretty nice. When I assume is the power adapter which is pretty big. There has a 14-inch display, but we also have what’s well-built there’s very little keyboard flex it’s a backlit keyboard.

It’s all metal around the palm rest this feels like a pretty premium laptop. It’s pretty straightforward you have a power adapter a single USB port as well as headphone and microphone. And the other side you have two more USB 3 HDMI and Ethernet this is a gaming laptop.

Lenovo went a little more subtle with the styling,

for the most part, is just a black laptop with a few red accents sure maybe like the speaker’s look a little bit gamer too. But for the most part, once you close it up, it’s a reasonably under stage looking laptop compared with the Dell Inspiron 15 is a lot smaller. Which I like we’re going to be taking this to something like school.

It’s going to be a little more portable so it also really does look a lot more understated. Well, this is not a bad looking laptop the whole spider-man aesthetic. Is not going to be for everyone one of the significant advantages is with the display.

Display, keyboard, and the sounds

so this guy is rocking a 14 inch 1080p IPS panel which looks a lot better than the lots of laptops. Now sure it won’t be able to game at 4k, but for regular use, that is going to look nice at 14 inches. The speakers are pretty solid but front-facing and from the looks of them.

They’re reasonably big they don’t get super loud but no complaint. What is pretty good as the keyboard so like I said earlier it is going to be backlit which is excellent. And the treble is pretty decent Lenovo does an excellent job of keyboards.

Benchmarks of the laptop

this laptop powered by a quad-core i7 6700 HQ 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory as well as Radeon r7 and 375 graphics. It specs up pretty well compared to the dell and while it is a skylake processor. compared to Kaby Lake on this guy it’s going to be an i7 versus an i5

Which I would prefer is twice as much memory it also has a 256 gigabyte SSD on top of a one terabyte hard drive. This laptop only has the SSD the main thing you’re giving up here is that 1050 Ti on the Dell.

Now the Radeon graphics should be pretty decent, and it is $100 cheaper.

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Acer Aspire E 15best gaming laptop under 800

The Acer Aspire E 15 notebook priced at exactly $700 this is an excellent gaming laptop. that gives the incredible performance with the packing of Intel i7 6th gen 8gb ddr4 Ram, and 2gb dedicated NVDA and 940 MX

This laptop can easily handle massive games and software moreover the 256gb SSD will add to the performance speed though for some heavy gamers the storage may be less. Finally, this laptop undoubtedly provides excellent specs for the low price with the quality built.

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ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UQ best gaming laptop under 800

the Asus laptop priced at 629 dollars this is the cheapest casual uses the traditional laptop on this list. And the boost of the latest i7 7500 use CPU 8gb ddr4 Ram 512gb SSD and a 15.6 inch is full HD screen for casual usage this is a two in one laptop you can use this for gaming or your day to day works.

they won’t be worth the extra bucks you can play the latest mediocre graphics games on this laptop and is ideal for both work or pleasure

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Dell Inspiron signature editionbest gaming laptop under 800

next to the Dell Inspiron touchscreen signature edition laptop for significant screen levels with the 17.3 inches full HD touchscreen display and priced at 800 under for dollars. This laptop has a beast like configuration and older i7 6500 you coupled with 16gb ddr4 and 1tb HDD this laptop has a smooth 10-point multi-touch screen.

The only drawback that it is bulky and not so portable which we already knew when we opted for it also, the dedicated graphics card is disappointing but considers the price and touch feature we can let this go.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 700 gaming laptop best gaming laptop under 800

the Lenovo IdeaPad 700 gaming laptop priced at seven fifteen dollars. the laptops you had come across until now flaunted either entry-level GPUs or just the Intel integrated graphics. but for this laptop,p we have a slight upgrade with the inclusion of a massive 4 GBS of Nvidia GTX 950 m dedicated graphics core processor.

this GPU is further assisted by 12 GBS of ram core i5 six gen CPU and 256 GB SSD making it capable of delivering the next-generation performance. the laptop is slim and portable but has a crisp full HD display and is undoubtedly an excellent buy for heavy gamers

.Check Price & User Reviews

MSI 15.6″ NVIDIA GTX Gaming Laptopbest gaming laptop under 800

The MSI ge62 m7 Rd, so it’s all black, the LED panel is a 15.6 inch full HD IPS screen with anti-glare and Intel i5 7300 processor. the laptop comes with Nvidia force GT x 1050 two gigabytes of DDR 5 graphics card. also, have a 256 gigabyte SSD eight gigabyte of DDR 4 Ram the operating systems is Windows 10 64 bit and the other stuff it feels like it’s just made plastic.

but it indeed does have a cute look and everything that MSI logo on top. there probably got your fans back on the bottom four rubber pins to help it stay on a curved surface if necessary. it feels a little heavier than the average laptop if you’re assuming the average laptop is five pounds.

battery life about laptop gaming experience and other kinds of stuff

this laptop has just a little bit over five-hour battery there one side have I’ve got three ports on the other side. one the charger SD card slot and a USB 2.0 the bottom has three lights with the logos. and the screen itself which is a full HD. I was checking out two games with this laptop Dark Souls 2 and Witcher 3 the two games work pretty well.

I like the keyboard because it doesn’t get loud it’s pretty quiet. that has an Intel i5 7300 HQ CPU clocked at 2.5 gigahertz with 8 gigs of RAM 64-bit operating system. and it is has a GTX1050 the 4 gigabytes of GDR gddr5 graphic card.

gaming experience

I don’t see any slowdowns. Everything is running pretty smooth. I don’t notice anything any frame drops whatsoever it seems like it’s steady at 60 frame rate so this is what the graphics are set to everything’s pretty much set it high. so far there’s no lag it seems to be pretty steady at 60fps. I’m not noticing any lag whatsoever things are running pretty smoothly on with Dark Souls 2

next to the Witcher 3, and that’s gonna seem a little more interesting of course it’s a GTX1050,

so I’m not expecting to play it out like high settings this is so for Witcher 3. I changed the graphics I set everything to low and pretty much turned everything off post-processing and the regular graphics.this is probably the best it’s gonna be able to work at and you get a steady 30 frames per second.

performance in high frame rate

I’m low on the low settings it does a decent job anything else not so much. if you try to go any higher, it’s gonna lag, even more, overall pretty good laptop my first impressions I like it so far on. one other thing is the battery life you only get about three hours. and that’s not what playing games that’s just like I was using Microsoft Excel you only get three hours.

that’s the one downside I guess you do not have a long battery life pretty decent processor and everything for the price.

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Dell Inspiron 15 for serious gaming lovers

best gaming laptop under 800

the last year, Dell has been hard at work tweaking that formula. and they’ve even gone as far this time as to include gaming in the product name but have those tweaks added up to anything substantial been recently informed it mostly avoids an over-the-top. look like some gaming laptops, but it is red though if that’s too shouting for you.

there’s a black version available as well. it’s clear that thinness wasn’t a top priority for Dell here with lesser specs than the latest MacBook Pro, it’s nearly double the thickness. but assuming they use the extra space for cooling I can’t be too critical especially. if the intent is for users to game on it for a long time.

build quality of the laptop

the build quality is excellent for a budget segment laptop. the chassis feels solid and the screen flexes about what the hinge moves smoothly. if you took this thing ten years back in time and told someone, it costs less than $1000 they wouldn’t believe you. we’ve come a long way the i/o is more traditional than most laptops these days.

as well it’s unlikely that you’ll have to reach for a dongle though I will say at least have the option for a type C or Thunderbolt port on a premium config would have been welcome our model is not the cheapest. but it hits a nice sweet spot with just enough of pretty much everything for gaming and without spending extra money on an i7.

laptop screen  TN panel

the included 60 Hertz TN panel looks pretty good for a TN with above-average. viewing angles from side to side again for TN and on high settings at 1080p.which happens to be its native resolution this laptop plowed through our test lineup comfortably. meaning that in between homework and Facebook you should be able to run modern triple-a titles without issue.

thanks in no small part to the strong performance of the Inspiron.

cooling system

gaming’s cooling system during our I 264 stress test it was not only able to keep the CPU at a relatively comfortable 80 degrees but the i5 was able to use its turbo boost the whole time – meaning performance won’t dip after a couple of minutes of gaming. it was far from silent but wasn’t disruptive, and it’s much quieter than a thin and light gaming machine.

like a razor blade and if that sounds good to you’ll be happy to know.

sound quality

the speakers are better than you might expect. as well the internal subwoofer doesn’t add as much depth to the sound. as the subs in their XPS laptops several years ago did. but overall clarity is good until some distortion creeps in at nearly full long as you’re right in front, they’re highly directional.

so if a diminished off-axis movie watching experience is a real turnoff for your might not be doing any chilling while you Netflix though even at least you’ll be doing it for a long time battery life came in at a very impressive six hours and 48 minutes.

moving back to the outside of the keyboard

feels very similar to previous Inspiron models but nicer the keystrokes are short with a pleasant click. and avoid being mushy spacing is a strong point, and there’s a full Numpad with appropriately. laid out arrow keys the red backlighting isn’t bright enough to be having an inspire and inspired.

dance party with it or anything but it’s functional, and if you’re actually in the dark you’ll be able to read the keys can’t complain the trackpad is also quite good. the feel of the click isn’t super consistent, but it performs accurately at high sensitivity settings.

and it does a great job of figuring out when I have my thumb at the bottom for clicking as opposed to when I’m trying to use multi-touch.

now let’s talk about what you are not getting with a value model like this

the first unfortunate compromise is the 1×1 Wi-Fi giving me a maximum speed of around 20 megabytes per second in my data transfer test. so if you want fast downloads you will have to wire in the storage is also rather slow it is an MDOT to drive. and it is an SSD but it runs at SATA speeds not PCIe speeds.

the screen is far from the most vibrant and high contrast that I’ve seen

now that IPS is the standard even a decent TN looks washed out by comparison. so who is this laptop for then well unsurprisingly. the Dell Inspiron gaming is a great value. laptop for people who want to game and need the portability of a laptop for 850 bucks. you could build a better performing desktop.

that is more upgradable, but you can’t exactly take that to class or wherever it is that you might need it. so if you’re looking for something to buy that’s inexpensive and works.

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so to conclude the cheapest casual users laptop is the Asus laptop. but if you can be more then, you have the best occasional usage laptop with a big screen and touch features. that are the Dell Inspiron touchscreen signature edition laptop. for gamers, the best would be the Lenovo IdeaPad 700 with I 5 6gen and 4 GBS of Nvidia 950 MX.

but if I 5 is too old for you then you can go with the HP Pavilion gaming laptop that brings the latest i7 7500 you.

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