best cheap digital cameras under 50 dollars

best cheap digital cameras under 50 dollars

are you searching for the best cheap digital cameras under 50 dollars?

Then this guide for you.

There have no too much cameras with good quality at this price point. So today I will be going to review some of the options you can go with your limited budget. But this below-mentioned cameras cannot give you quality for poster-size photos.

You can expect limited functionality with some of the quality. One decade ago this cameras most expensive cameras in the world with 400$ – 500$ price tags.

Nowadays most of the Smartphone ’s have good cameras than this digital cameras.

But if you want to give a gift to your little son or daughter,

to take photos while play, without complicated tasks or,

if you find a good option for your elderly parents to get photos

That is good to go with a little-limited function camera.

So that’s why I write this post to help you to find the best item for you.

First of all, I will be going to divide these post three categories. The first category has listed some of the options you can buy with under 50$ The second category has some of the waterproof digital cameras you can buy with this price point.

The third category has some of the cameras you can buy a little bit old refurbished good options for you to go with your 50$ budget.

So here is the list of the digital cameras

best cheap digital cameras under 50KINGEAR MINI DIGITAL CAMERA
best cheap digital cameras under 50VMOTAL MINI DIGITAL CAMERA
best cheap digital cameras under 50BIGAINT BG007 DIGITAL CAMERA
best cheap digital cameras under 50ISHARE MINI DIGITAL CAMERA
best cheap digital cameras under 50VIVITAR DIGITAL CAMERA
best cheap digital cameras under 50BELL+HOWELL WP7 DIGITAL CAMERA
best cheap digital cameras under 50BELL+HOWELL SPLASH DIGITAL CAMERA
best cheap digital cameras under 50CANON POWERSHOT A2500
best cheap digital cameras under 50CANON POWERSHOT SD1200IS

Before writing this post, I was doing some research on the internet; I can say there have no lots of choices for you with this price range.

don’t waste time on researching the products on this price range.

I found some quality brand new digital cameras under 50$ budget.

If you are not satisfied feature of these cameras, don’t waste your time and money.

Go ahead with more than 50$ budget camera With more than four stars review out of 5 stars.

Again, keep in mind nowadays most of the Smartphone’s cameras can get more quality pictures than under 50$ digital cameras.

KINGEAR 2.7 inch HD Mini Digital Camerabest cheap digital cameras under 50

Here is the first digital camera under 50 budget on my list. This is an easily operate camera. Also, that has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. There have zoom options and also have a built-in flasher.

Also, have a quick video option. Excellent value for your money with 1280*720 HD quality pictures.there have 2.7″ screen you can insert an sd card to save your photos. Have a superb CMOS sensor. You can connect this with your computer with a USB 2.0 connector.

It’s very portable to use efficiently can be used for outdoor purposes. There has an anti-shake function can be detected the face also can capture the smile. Built-In flasher helps you to get photos in low light situations. This is the best camera for photography beginners. If you are searching for a camera for your little kids.

Here is the best one for your kid to start him or her their photography journey. Keep in mind you can find the same model with different brand names with different prices. don’t be a fool they also manufacture in the same company quality is also identical. Only have one difference it is the brand name.

so far in my research, this is the only one I was found with the good positive reviews under 50$ budget

Check Price & User Reviews

Vmotal Mini Digital Camerabest cheap digital cameras under 50

this is the second cheap digital camera in our list. another perfect best camera for photography beginners.there has a 3″ LCD screen. Also have anti-shake, smile capturing self-timing, face detection options.

You can record 750p HD videos with this camera. Also, the camera has a built-in 800mah Li-ion rechargeable battery. The charging time is 80s minutes. Portable design helps you to shoot while you are on travel or any other outdoor function.

It’s very comfortable to hold because the corners have round shape design. Very easy to use you need to insert the sd card first then on the camera, and you are now ready to take photos.

Same as the first digital camera this also have a built-in flasher which helps you to take pictures in low light conditions. Overall considering the functions of this digital camera, is a good budget option for your tight budget.

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Bigaint BG007 2.7′ Digital Video Camerabest cheap digital cameras under 50

Here is the third pick on the list this is an entry-level camera have a 2.7“ inches display.The outer cover made with cheap plastics but with this price point it’s does n’t matter.You can record video with HD 720p video quality.There has a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Same as the other digital cameras there has a CMOS sensor for better quality. Also, the functionality is the same and very easy to operate it’s minimal and lightweight and portable you can keep this in your pocket. This is an 8X optical zoom with the 20mp camera.

If you have a medical condition that your hands make shaky, this will be a good option for you. Because this also has an anti-shake, smile detecting and face detecting functionalities like prior mentioned digital cameras.

You can manage your taken photos using a computer the device have their supported express software that can help you in enhancing the images. Print or sending pictures using emails. If you haven’t SD card already, you need to buy an SD card to save the images. They do not provide an SD card.

If you already have an SD card, you can insert it to before getting the photos. There also have a built-in flasher it helps you to get photos in low light conditions. Compare with the other mentioned devices there have not too much deference all devices operate with the same technology.

Check Price & User Reviews

iShare Mini Digital Camera best cheap digital cameras under 50

Here is another good option for kids or elder persons.That also has CMOS sensor also have a 3″ LCD you can capture 1080p quality videos with this digital camera.It also has anti-shake technology the same as the other mentioned Bigaint BG007 digital camera there has a built-in battery.

The camera comes with built-in 800mah rechargeable battery. This is another perfect item as a gift for your kids or your elderly relatives. Nothing to worry about complicated tasks merely insert SD card to the camera and restart the camera that’s it. Now you ready to take photos.

Give them to your little kids to play with a real camera you can see him or her happy faces while using the new device in their life. The compact design is perfect for your pocket.

Check Price & User Reviews

Vivitar 20.1 MP Digital Camerabest cheap digital cameras under 50

Here is another one but this hasn’t good customers reviews.The only reason I will mention here that has a viewing screen.Consider the functions they also same as the other devices.This perfectly matches for your 3 to 6 years old kids to learn with a real camera and to take some photos as a beginner photographer.

I’m not recommending this for adult’s even more any teenage kid. Please avoid this type of cameras doesn’t waste your money invest your little budget for the better camera. The video capture resolution is HD 720p there has no built-in battery.

You need to insert the standard 3 AAA batteries to operate the camera. The manufacturers say that camera has 4x digital zoom function with 20.1 megapixels. This is a portable device and lightweight so that’s good because your kids can behold it without any frustration.

Check Price & User Reviews

Best cheap digital cameras under 50 dollars with waterproof function

do you searching for an inexpensive option to take photos under the water for your kids. Now I’m going to guide you to buy some options you can buy with two in one functions.

That can be used under the water you can be amazed at this 50$ price point is that possible to get the waterproof camera? Yes, you can buy a camera with a waterproof function for 50$. That’s also a good option for your little kids they can filming while under in the water.

That will be an excellent experience for your kids so let’s see the specifications on the cameras.

Bell+Howell WP7  Digital Camera

best cheap digital cameras under 50

Bell Howell is a digital camera with a waterproof functionality you can take 720p HD videos using this little camera. There have a 5mp CMOS sensor also have 8x digital zoom functionality. To save the videos and pictures you need to add a MicroSD card to the camera.

But if you haven’t a MicroSD card you need to buy a MicroSD card separately. This camera hasn’t a built-in battery function. You need to power up with it using two AAA batteries. Also, have a 2.4” inches screen this is a perfect digital camera for the outdoor adventures.

Same as the other devices this also can detect the faces also have an anti-shake and image stabilization options.Its waterproof up to 3 meters range. The stylish and compact design help you to carry this without any problem.

Check Price & User Reviews

Bell+Howell Splash WP10-Y Digital Camerabest cheap digital cameras under 50

Here is another waterproof digital camera for under 50$.This camera has 16 mp resolution functionality can capture HD quality videos.There has 2.4 inches screen. The camera is waterproof up to three meters under the water.Same as the other digital cameras that can detect your face, also have image stabilization and have anti-shake functionality.

There has a MicroSD slot to insert the card also have built-in USB to connect to the computer. It’s a very compact device to use very easy to use in a while traveling. Waterproof functionality is useful to make underwater photo shoots. This also is a good option for your little kids to learn photography.

Its powered with a using 2 AAA batteries. So that’s all. To say about this camera, Nothing any complicated tasks elementary to use. Portability is good perfectly match for a beginner photographer. Perfect gift for your kids suitable for rough uses.

Check Price & User Reviews

best cheap digital cameras under 50 dollars (Seller refurbished options)

So now I’m going to mention here some of the good refurbished options you can buy on the internet. If someone, like to buy refurbished items here, is two digital cameras with good reviews you can buy.

Canon PowerShot A2500

best cheap digital cameras under 50

Here is a camera with a reputed company. This is a Canon PowerShot A2500 digital camera. In our, under 50$ price point, you can buy a refurbished Canon camera for 50$. This can be capture 720p HD quality videos. The camera is a much functioning than other devices above the list.

This can give you to have the stereo sound quality to captured videos. You can take photos with 16-megapixel image resolution quality. There also have the 5x optical zoom function. Compare with other devices on the list there has a new feature there have 28mm wide angle lens.

Have another impressive feature the ECO mode can reduce battery usage of the device. Same as the other products on the list it’s a very compact camera. It also fits your pocket. Use it while traveling without any problem.

They also provide a dedicated movie button which helps you to capture the videos quickly. This also has anti-shake hand function you don’t need to worry about your shaky hands. That’s also the best starter camera for a teenager or even for an older adult.

Check Price & User Reviews

Canon PowerShot SD1200ISbest cheap digital cameras under 50

Here is the another refurbished option from the canon company.This is the Canon PowerShot SD1200IS.Capable of capturing images with 10-megapixel resolution also has a 3x optical zoom function.The LCD screen size is 2.5 inches. Same as the other devices on the list.

That can detect the faces the video capture resolution is SD VGA 480p. Compare with the other devices it’s deficient. There has built-in flasher also you need to Li-ion batteries power up the device. You can connect the device to a computer via a USB cable.

This also has a very compact design, so this too is a good point and shoot camera for your day to day life uses for under 50$ budget.

Check Price & User Reviews


Under 50$ price point, it will be an arduous task to find a good digital camera for your tight budget.Most of the items are with more negative reviews than positive reviews.So if you’re a trying to buy a low rating product from the internet, please think about your decision twice before buying.

In my view, most of these digital cameras good for a beginner photographer. Even as a professional or some experience photographer this items will be a toy. So with this point these cameras mostly suitable for your kids or your elder relatives in your home who loves to take photos, because these devices have limited functions.

And this functions doesn’t complicate to use. So far my with my experience KINGEAR 2.7 inch HD Mini Digital Camera is a perfect item for your child to make photographs.Bigaint BG007 2.7′ Digital Video Camera is a perfect item for your elder relatives or family members.

If you are considering about waterproof functions Bell+Howell Splash WP10-Y 16.0 Waterproof Digital Camera is a good option for you.Also, I was mentioned a couple of refurbished good options for you.

in my experience, refurbished options also be a nice pick with this price point.

if you are searching for a gaming laptop here is I have a guide for you best gaming laptops under 800

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