best cameras for youtube beauty gurus

best cameras for youtube beauty gurus

I know your biggest concern is finding a good camera because a camera does a huge part of your videos.

That’s why I’m going to help you to choose the perfect camera for vlogging.

In last years, I learned a fair amount about what makes one camera great for vlogging and rules another one out thoroughly stick around.

I will show you what gear and techniques you need to take your vlogging to the next level.

first of all, I am going to briefly review some of the best youtube beauty vlogging cameras on the planet right now.

so let’s get the start

Your Phone is a perfect vlogging camera.

best cameras for youtube beauty gurus

before I trust your arm into spending some money on a dedicated camera for your youtube journey or before buying expensive equipment, think about your budget.

If you spend your every penny to a camera how can you manage other expenses at the beginning of your journey?

Because you need some money to decorate your room to before to filming your videos.

Other than you need to make a logo for your channel and etc..

All things require money. With a limited budget guess what you can do? You may already own one that’s good enough for the job it is your phone.

There are plenty of people who do very successful vlogs with their phones.

After all, they have got decent video cameras built into them and large

But there’s a couple of accessories that will really raise your game.

If you’re gonna use your phone for vlogging, but first is some sort of decent stabilization.

You want a gimbal because it’s only your phone that is carrying it can be really small and modest.

You can use a product called the smooth q or the DJI Osmo. These gimbals will entirely stabilize your phone and footage.

To improve the audio quality, you can plug a lot of microphones into a jack on the phone a product called the video mic, video mic eme or MDL.

Depending on the model of the phone that you’re using and that will significantly improve equality so for between 150 and 200 dollars you could, in fact, turn your phone into an excellent vlogging camera.

Canon EOS M100

best cameras for youtube beauty gurus
Canon EOS M100

The next step up in quality over using your phone to vlogging is a budget interchangeable lens camera.

After testing more than 20 new vlogging cameras, I can say this is the best of all, and the best budget ends vlogging camera in the market right now.

This camera has a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor with dual pixel CMOS AF.

Which means it will keep you in focus perfectly. And it also has a screen that flips all the way up to face your single page to see yourself. You will know that you are in sharp focus.

Now, with this price point, there’s no microphone input.

If you really want better quality sound with this camera, consider using something like a rode smart lav mic.

it is a small microphone you would attach to something like your collar or your lapel, and you use your phone in your pocket as a sound recorder.

That’s a really nice option again for about 60 dollars. But your best budget camera at this price point Canon EOS M100. Read More >>>>>>

Panasonic Lumix GX850

best cameras for youtube beauty gurus
Panasonic Lumix GX850

If you’re obsessed with 4k video, then you could look at the Panasonic Lumix GX850. This is your cheapest point of entry to 4k video quality.

But the focusing isn’t entirely smooth. Panasonic note on their website basically this is a travel-sized camera.

That’s designed for people who like to travel a lot take a lot of pictures shoot videos.

But don’t want to bring a lot of gear with them. One of the things that excite me about this is it does feature a micro 4/3 sensor.

Also, you can change the lens in and out which provides you a lot of flexibility and the body size on this it’s like a large lens cap.

That you can put on different lenses and I’ve really been interested in that type of camera for a long time.

because the type of work that I do and the fact that I go back and forth between shooting video and stills so does the Panasonic GX 850 stack up.

Let’s dive closer mentioned features about the GX 850 as I said this is a very compact design.

Unlike standard compact cameras, this camera gives you the ability to change lenses the GX 850 does feature a micro 4/3 sensor.

It is a 16 megapixel live MOS sensor there’s no electronic viewfinder. But it does feature a 3-inch 1.04 million dot 180 degrees tilt touchscreen.

It features 4k video recording at 30, and 24 P. also features Panasonic’s 4k photo mode for getting a higher burst rate by shooting at video resolution.

Another thing that really interested me about the GX 850 is it features Panasonic’s new DFD technology. Mat DFD stands for depth from D focus which claims to speed up focus acquisition to 0.07 seconds.

Next up is the mid-range category and this is where it starts to get really exciting.

Because for about 650 to 700 dollars you’ll get yourself a camera with a decent size sensor confident autofocus a stream.

That faces forward and that microphone input that you need with better sound quality.Read More>>>>>

Canon EOS M50

best cameras for youtube beauty gurus
Canon EOS M50

For an extra $50 you can get the EOS m 50 a smaller mirrorless version again with a fully articulated stream microphone input about 24 megapixels APS-c sensor with dual pixel CMOS AF.

So you get the confident autofocus the screen that faces forward and the microphone input. Now the m50 will also film 4k.

But as I mentioned before with some pretty severe restrictions you’ve got a very tight crop.

You don’t get decent autofocus. So forget about that consider both of these Canon cameras 1080p cameras only and choose them mainly on whether you want a DSLR or a smaller mirrorless one. Read More >>>>>>>>

Fujifilm XT 100

The Fujifilm XT 100 screen that flips forwards and fairly good autofocus.

It does have a microphone in place it’s only 2.5 millimeters. So you will need to use a little adapter to mount a mic.

But I’ve done that, and it works well now in the Fujifilm xq1 hunters favor beautiful colors. Out of the camera and a broader selection of lenses than the Canon EOS system.

so if you’re thinking you’re using this camera for general photography, you may prefer to go down the Fujifilm route, and again if you’re obsessed with 4k video, Panasonic could get an A have you covered with models like the G 80 or G85.

Again a fully articulated screen microphone input 4kvideo that looks good.

Because they don’t have that confident autofocus got to keep your eye on that a bit is for more counter static setups for video.

But certainly well worth considering. Read More>>>>>

Canon PowerShot g7x mark 2

so far the cameras have been recommending here all but certainly not pocketable.

so if you want to vlog with something that will definitely fit in your pocket than these the models that you should be looking at the first one, I want to recommend is the Canon PowerShot g7x mark 2.

now the time I made this post, it was becoming hard to get hold of maybe
they’re going to replace it soon to look out for bargains on this I said it’s not
that cheap you’re still looking at about five-six hundred dollars for one of
these things.

but it’s a very compact camera that films great-looking 1080 video and as a stream that can flip up to face forward the autofocus.

Unfortunately isn’t as confident as some of the other cameras that I’ve mentioned but it’s a really nice pocketable start for vlogging. If that’s the sort of thing, you’re looking for. Read More>>>>>>>>

Sony rx100 Mark v

best cameras for youtube beauty gurus
Sony RX100 V

but if you can stretch to around the nine hundred dollar mark the camera you should be looking at in the pocket category is the Sony rx100 Mark v.

Now, what makes this camera special is it is one of the only pocket cameras that has phase detector autofocus. So it really will refocus as confidently as any of those bigger cameras.

that I’ve mentioned it does of course also have a stream that flips up to face you it will film 4k video without any compromises well except for their five-minute clip lens.

but still, it looks fantastic this is a camera that can really do it all it can even make an unusual slow motion the one thing it doesn’t have though is a microphone input.

so again if you are decent quality audio with it, you’re going to have to have some sort of external recorder solution.

but still frozen general all-around pocket vlogging camera with Sony rx100 V or VA or 5a is the one that I’d go for just one quick extra mention though slightly higher than that price wise is the canon powershot g1 x mark 3.

this has the same aps-c sensor as those Eos mirrorless cameras I mentioned a moment ago.

Which means you get dual pixel CMOS AF you get the big sensor that says that it has an extended dynamic range.

so if it’s very dark or very bright, you won’t get too noisy or too washed out quality looks fantastic on it flip out stream stabilization.

Still, no microphone input but it does produce really nice results so is one that you may want to consider. Read More>>>>>>

Panasonic Lumix G 9

best cameras for youtube beauty gurus

if you’re lucky enough to have over a thousand dollars to spend well, that opens up an entirely new type of camera.

although that’s this early one that’s going to be better than those cheaper ones for vlogging around the 13 to 15 hundred dollar mark we’ll get you a Panasonic Lumix G 9 or GH 5.

both of which you most affordable points of entry if you want to film 4k in 50 or 60 P and these cameras are extremely powerful video, and they also have fully articulated streams mic inputs headphone jacks.

but unfortunately, as Panasonic cameras, they don’t really have that specific phase detach autofocus and set its contrast based.

so they’re best used in kind of two-person crews or more significant if you’re getting into commercial video shoots though it is should probably your cheapest camera for the best quality.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Beyond that you could go full frame Canon EOS 6d mark 2 it’s an older camera it’s only 1080p.

But it is a full-frame with dual pixel CMOS AF for decent autofocus and a fully articulated screen for about $1,600 above that you’ve got canons EOS.

I believe it or not that the only full-frame mirrorless camera with a fully articulated screen but it’s about 2,300 dollars and the 4k on it is very very cropped. So again I would really steer you back to those cheaper models there is one other that I do want to mention.

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