best btc miner 2018 the Buyer Guide

on this time best bitcoin mining hardware have a good demand in the world, but most websites and apps are the scammers and they misleading you, and also you waste your time and money.

But if you like to make a good bitcoin mining machine; that’s going to be a pretty good investment for your future life.

because the bitcoin mining is a very profitable way to make good money at this time.

so I hope this will be a pretty informative blog post.

this content will be covering all about best Bitcoin mining machines in 2018.

Of course, the year is 2017 the price of Bitcoin recently I should say has been fluctuating not too much.

as you can see here indicating with these chart bitcoin price prediction on 2017.bitcoin price chrat in last 3 months btc miner

the price of Bitcoin is Fluctuating a bit more in the past day or two.

however overall the performance is quite good.

over the past three months and the price of Bitcoin Determines the profitability of mining.

so if you’re reading this blog post and the price of Bitcoin is now $20,000 per coin obviously,

that’s going to be a little bit different.

keep in mind that why I’m making this post the value of Bitcoin is currently right around 13596 USD per a coin.

so in the future of the price of Bitcoin is lower than 13596 USD per coin that could also make a difference.

keep in mind btc miners are extremely hot.

if you have them in a small dorm room or a little-confined space, it’s going to get toasty.

and you might regret putting it in there so if you have a cold garage or even a cold basement somewhere where you don’t mind having a bit of excess heat a Bitcoin miner is best suited to that sort of environment.

but I would Not recommend putting a Bitcoin miner on top of a radiator or any other hot surfaces.

keep in mind that btc miners are loud.

they sound like a giant box Van running 24/7, so if you live in a small area and want to have your Bitcoin miner under your bed, for example, please keep in mind that it’s going to be loud and hot.

if you don’t mind the volume then you know that’s good but please, keep this in mind if you’ve never experienced a Bitcoin miner they are extremely loud.

here are the ten best btc miners currently on the market.

Best BTC miners 2018

MinerHash PowerBuy
Bitmain Antminer U11.6 GH/s Buy it Now
Bitmain Antminer U22.0 GH/s Buy it Now
Gridseed Orb SHA-2562.25G/s Buy it Now
Bitmain Antminer S1180 Gh/s Buy it Now
Bitmain Antminer S3441Gh/s Buy it Now
Bitmain Antminer S74.73 TH/s Buy it Now
Bitmain Antminer S914.0 TH/s Buy it Now
Avalon Miner 7417.41 TH/s Buy it Now
Avalon6 Bitcoin Miner Kit: 23.50 TH/s Buy it Now
Spondoolies-Tech SP201.3-1.7 TH/s Buy it Now

also for these calculations, I’ll be considering powered to cost 13 cents per kilowatt-hour pretty much the average for the United States when all things are considered including transfer fees and other expenses.

however, take a minute to look at this map and see where you live and see how power costs in the USA Affect you more specifically.

electricity price map usa btc miner

electricity price map the USA

and then I’ve also included a map of Europe so take a minute to look at this.Expensive Power Europe btc miner

that’s also not a bad idea kind of to gauge how power costs affect you

but like I said for this post all the tests that will be running are measured at 13 cents per kilowatt-hour.

also the pool fees for this content will be calculated at a flat rate of 0.5% so let’s go ahead and start to review the specifications and profitability of each bitcoin miners.

Bitmain Antminer U1

Bitmain Antminer U1 btc miner

Bitmain Antminer U1


the antminer u 1 have 1.6 to 2.2 Giga hashes per second USB btc miner.

if you’re familiar Bitcoin mining you might know that 1.6 Giga hashes per second are extremely slow

that’s practically nothing it’s so bad that buying this is essentially just a huge waste of money.

but I don’t just want to say that I want to prove it to you. because just saying that’s a huge waste of money doesn’t get you know.

I want to show you what I’m talking about so if you’re familiar with the ant minor u1 it’s essentially a Bitcoin ASIC miner.

that plugs into a USB port whether it’s a computer or a USB kind of extension type thing.

I guess that you plug into a desktop, or some sort of you know Hardware through what you’re mining software is running, and you use all of these where you use several of these miners in conjunction to make about 20 cents a day.

this miner don’t mine very quickly.

so this is a lightly using antminer u1 always properly powered and cooled.

you might be wondering how much does one of these costs now?

they typically sell for around 80 USD which is extremely expensive for a miner that is pretty bad it’s not worth your money at all now.

why these would be attractive..?

Because one they use very little power. they use 4.5 watts of power.

which isn’t too ridiculous and they plug right into a USB port, that’s pretty simple right now.

You know a lot of miners have to be plugged in in a specific way they take PCIe type power plugs six pin power plugs and they can just be a little complicated to set up and use.

However, that’s not the case If you still got to set up mining hardware you have to join a mining pool typically and it’s not as easy as I think.

Many people think the mining speed on this is still like I said abysmal so unless you have 200 or 2000 of these running at once you’re not going to get anywhere the only way that I can see this being profitable is actually.

How to calculat Bitcoin Miner Profitability

so using  coinwarz calculator you can calculate your daily, monthly and yearly profit.

let’s go ahead and punch some numbers into this mining calculator.

the Bitcoin price should increase will it not necessary.

Profitability Of Bitmain Antminer U1

the HASH rate for the u1 is 1.6 gigahash per second it uses 2 watts of power 13 cents per kilowatt hour. pool fees 0.5%, and the hardware cost here is about 80 USD per miner.

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

as you’d be earning around $1.45 which is you know as I said that’s extremely abysmal power costs $2.28 so your profit per year would be negative $0.84 cents.

which is extremely bad that’s not good at all, that’s not making you much money.

honestly they’re trying to do people that are inexperienced with mining and don’t even you know don’t also want to use a mining calculator to see if this is profitable or not.

this is not profitable this just isn’t profitable at all.

honestly, I wanted to approach this with you know I just wouldn’t recommend that you use a USB a Bitcoin miner.

because you’re going to spend a lot of money upfront you’re going to make almost no money mining at all.

I would recommend that you steer clear of ant miners u1 USB type miners I think that they are way overpriced as of right now and they are not going to make you any money.

so in my opinion, I would avoid these and that’s just my opinion.

Bitmain Antminer U2

Bitmain Antminer U2

that also like bitmain antminer u1 I don’t go to explain it again because now you know about USB miners are not good at that time.

so this mines at 2 Giga hashes per second it uses 2 watts of power 13 cents per kilowatt hour and costs roughly 100 USD for one-liner so using an antminer (look at that table)

Profitability Of Bitmain Antminer U2

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

you’d lose about 86 cents per year once again not worth your while so one of the other lesser miners on the list the grid seed orb actually so that also not worth for money.

Gridseed Orb SHA-256/Scrypt ASIC btc miner X 2

Gridseed Orb SHA-256

Gridseed Orb SHA-256

the grid seed orb SHA – 256 mines at 11 Giga hashes per second uses 52 watts of power at 13 cents per kilowatt-hour, and the hardware cost for the grid seed orb is about 150 US dollars.

Profitability Of Gridseed Orb SHA-256 btc miner

let’s see that table.

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

so, unfortunately, also the grid seed orb would lose you about $51.44 per year once again not worth your while now.

if you want to make good money from that miner, you need to set up mining rig using grid seed orb SHA-256 so if you like to build a Mining rig using that watch this video you can get an idea about that.

let’s move on to the slightly more efficient miner set I think you’ll find to be more of a bang for your buck.

Bitmain Antminer S1 Dual Blade 180 Gh/s btc miner

Bitmain Antminer S1 Dual Blade 180 Gh/s btc miner

Bitmain Antminer S1 Dual Blade 180 Gh/s btc miner

so first we have S1 Dual Blade 180 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner.


this unit power up with a PCIe connection so it’s nice they’ve added this PCIe connection brains of the board.

you can also see Ethernet connection or you can plug in the network cable directly into your router additionally if you prefer you can make a Wi-Fi connection.

you just have to make sure you have your Wi-Fi antenna but they don’t supply any additional accessories.

they only provide the units. so you have to buy your own LAN cable Wi-Fi antenna and power supply.

the minor s1 mines at 180 Giga hashes per second uses 360 watts of power.

let’s calculate the profit.

Profitability Of Antminer S1 btc miner

13 cents per kilowatt-hour and costs about a 550 USD per miner.

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

with that being said, unfortunately, you would lose about 279.52 dollars per year using an ant miner as one still really not power efficient to be worth your while so if you like to make money with that minor you should want to make a mining rig.

How to set up Bitcoin Antminer S1

so with that being said let’s look at the minor s3

Bitmain Antminer S3+ btc miner 440-500+ GH/s



Antminer S3 is one of the more affordable Bitmain Antminers that is currently on the market.

if you don’t pay much money for electricity, and I’m talking maybe one or two cents per kilowatt-hour or you know maybe a little bit more minded with a Bitmain Antminer S3 could still theoretically be profitable it’s not incredibly expensive up front.

this mines of 450 Giga Hashes per second uses 355 watts of power at 13 cents per kilowatt-hour the hardware costs is 450 USD

Profitability Of Antminer S3 btc miner

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

so the antminer s3 is improving a little and that you’d only lose 43.31 dollars per year using this miner.

that also  doesn’t really allow you to actually make a profit using single miner.

so  you’d be earning roughly 0.02204992 Bitcoin per year. which is honestly not bad. this minor here is going to be a little bit smaller in size or just probably smaller than an a miner s9.

Antminer S3 generates less heat

which is kind of nice also it generates less heat. I’ve heard from forums so you know it makes more sense to use an a miner s3 than it does to use something such as an antminer u1 which I covered it in just a short bit ago.

because the u1 is just a USB stick and really you know it’s antiquated. and it doesn’t work all that well however they are still for sale.

Use free energy to power up

so if we calculate that you would actually be earning roughly  $2.78 per year which once again is not  great.

but it’s not bad. if we know reduce this down to one cent per kilowatt hour which is extreme but if you were supplementing that you know with windmills or solar power you can actually earn about 127 dollars per year.

Bitcoin difficulty is increasing

now that’s all variable on Bitcoin price and Bitcoin difficulty;

Bitcoin difficulty is guaranteed to increase.

if one  Bitcoin  increases to $50,000 per coin you know then great you’d be earning one thousand one you know one thousand eight hundred and forty-three dollars a year.

you would also be paying a lot more money for the miner I guarantee it okay.

if Bitcoin prices increase you will be paying more for miners.

also just something to think about because a lot of people think you know; well if I buy this miner and or if I buy this miner in the future and I buy it for 350 bucks and Bitcoinis worth a hundred thousand dollars per coin or for doing these five hundred thousand dollars per coin which is ridiculous then I’m gonna make a ton of money.

and people think that the one thing is if Bitcoin prices increase the prices of these miners will almost certainly increase also so just something to think about. but if you do have a lot of faith in Bitcoin increasing in price I guess you could maybe buy a few of these miners now and just keep them on layaway you know back in your garage or something and then if Bitcoin mining you know becomes majorly profitable in the future.

and Bitcoin prices reach like five million dollars per coin or something which is insane then yeah maybe you could bust these back out, and you know maybe use them a little bit, so just something to think about I thought.

so next we are going to move on to the real meat and potatoes of this post.

and that is actually starting with the ant miner s7 a much more viable miner that has a pretty decent hash rate.

Bitmain Antminer S7 btc miner

Bitmain Antminer S7 btc miner

Bitmain Antminer S7 btc miner

this mines at 4713 Giga hashes per second uses sixteen hundred watts of power with power costing thirteen cents per kilowatt-hour and the total hardware cost is  1590 USD

Profitability of Bitmain Antminer S7

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)
Monthly0.01904952$302.49 $56.16$1.51$244.81

antminer  s7 would actually earn you about $2,978.58 per year in terms of annual profit which is actually getting better that’s really not all that bad.

next, we have the big bad usually extremely overpriced

Bitmain Antminer S9 btc miner

Bitmain Antminer S9 btc miner

Bitmain Antminer S9


the most powerful bitcoin machine has ever been created right now at the moment.

the company always make a new one much faster than the old one but this one right now is the strongest one.

it makes about 0.25 bitcoins accorded bitcoins per month.

also,you need a power supply  at least a thousand 600 watt power supply to run this beast.

because it takes about 1300 watts. but you want to be a little bit above that just to be in the case of the power supply. this antminer s9 need at least 1300 watts.

but I always already said go over you don’t want to stress out the power supplies.

also if you get exactly this in a lot if you get an over power supply sometimes in the efficiency, goes higher and your electricity cost goes a little bit lower.

the power supply is about $400 you might be able to get it .

I know that the power supply is an investment for a long time run.

Profitability of Bitmain Antminer S9 btc miner

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

the antminer s9 mines at 13500 Giga hashes per second uses 1300 watts of power with power costing thirteen cents per kilowatt hour.

the total hardware cost on Amazon currently is around two thousand eight hundred USD pretty expensive.

however antminer s9 would earn you roughly $9,037.12 dollars per year which is pretty good.

How to get maximum benifits

when the bitcoin difficulty goes up and up and up it will be the Bitcoin difficulties lining in mining .

so when you mined bitcoins right now you can get 12 and a half bitcoins per 10 minute and this machine obviously cannot do it alone you have to join a pool of people who also have different machines.

and together with your power hashing together you can get the 12 and 1/2 bitcoins and everybody so everyone that is mining Bitcoin is getting a piece of the twelve-and-a-half bitcoin that’s released every ten minute exactly you can try to mine on your own it’s called solo mining.

that means you’re not in any group is trying to get it on your own but because the difficulty of bitcoin is so high on my tick you get very long time to hit one time to win.

so if I had like ten of these machines that are basically like one of the supreme guys in that pool mining most because the last clue you can make your own pool.

the cool part is you can make your own pool with as many machines. as you have and all of they together solo mine and then they try to kick that twelve and a half pick on so you can actually try to do that and it will have a lot more chances to hit that twelve and a half.

enter the Avalon miner 741 this mines at seventy

Avalon 741 btc miner


I believe it is not too bad maybe not as good as the bitmans s9 btc miner.

but if you do want to go for the bitman btc miner as you can see that sold out at – s9.

so therefore you can’t purchase it sthis is an option where you can go immediately for and you will be getting the money 7.3 Tera hashes at power consumption 1150 watt with 90% clear – efficiency. at 25° it gets quite hot – up to about 40 degrees but that’s normal for this type of miners.

this is very positive very steady machine.

it doesn’t seem to be dropping in all the Bitcoin mining at the moment deities without a doubt very profitable.

if you are looking at home mining this is definitely a good option to go for as you can see currently Bitcoin staining of 13596 USD it was almost up to about 14000 USD it has dropped slightly but still spending a very good price .

Profitability of Avalon 741 btc miner

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)
Weekly0.00685998$105.23$25.12$0.53 $79.59
Monthly0.02939989$450.99$107.64$2.25 $341.10

Avalon bitcoin miner mines at hundred Giga Hashes per second uses 1150 watts of power thirteen cents per kilowatt-hour the hardware cost is 1850 USD .

that means the Avalon Minor 741 would earn you about $4,150.04 per year once again this isn’t too bad.

as you can see currently guys spending at $3.59 today weekly $25.12 and monthly $107.64 and annually $1,309.62

which is not too bad. considering the fact that yes it doesn’t give a lot of mega hashes.

Avalon6 btc miner Kit: 2

Avalon6 btc miner Kit: 2 btc miner

next, we have the Avalon minor six this is a little less powerful,

but it’s still a pretty good bang for your buck.

this mines at 3500 Giga hashes per second uses one thousand two fifty watts of power, 13 cents per kilowatt-hour and the hardware cost is roughly nine hundred USD,

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

so with this binder you’d heard about $1,050.91 per year which is still pretty respectable for the initial cost of the miner.

Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson 1.3-1.7TH/s ASIC btc miner

Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson 1.3-1.7TH/s ASIC btc miner

Profitability of Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson  ASIC btc miner

last but not least we have the spawn Dooley’s SP 20 thus mines are roughly seventeen hundred Giga hashes per second uses 1150 watts of power costing thirteen cents per a kilowatt-hour.

of course and the total hardware cost is approximately 400 USD not all that expensive

Time FrameBTC Coins USDPower Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD)Profit (in USD)

however unfortunately the  mining power isn’t enough to overcome the power costs, and this miner would lose you about one ($814.74) per year


that wraps up another post so all things considered Bitcoin mining is really pretty profitable right now.

you do have to have some good miners as you can see but if you can get your hands on one of the higher-end miners on this list  you’ll actually be in pretty decent shape;

keep in mind that they are loud, and they are hot.

but if you’re ok with that then you know consider checking some of these outs don’t overpay for miners. be aware that they might lose their value even the day after you buy them. and just take everything with a grain of salt. because just be a smart consumer and honestly just keep in mind in that cryptos.

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